Morpheus8 - Microneedling with radiofrequency

The combination of two of the most effective anti-ageing technologies guarantees a remarkable skin rejuvenation.

Visible skin renewal with the Morpheus8 treatment

The Morpheus8 procedure builds on two very effective technologies: it combines microneedling with radiofrequency. The microneedling device uses radiofrequency energy to tighten and contour the skin of the face and body, strengthen skin structure and reshape subcutaneous fat.

The device makes micro-needle punctures in the skin, through which the radiofrequency energy evenly heats the deeper subcutaneous tissues, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin in a more efficient way. This smoothes fine lines in the saggy areas and reduces the appearance of deeper wrinkles and creases. In essence, the Morpheus8 treatment provides significant and long-lasting improvement to the skin without the need for surgery.

The Morpheus8 treatment restores soft and smooth skin! Make an appointment for a free consultation!

Completely personalised treatment Completely personalised treatment

Completely personalised treatment

With Morpheus8, the depth of penetration of the microneedles and the intensity of the radiofrequency are adjusted to each patient's individual problem, so the therapy is fully personalized. In addition to the whole face, the treatment can be applied to the neck, decolletage and other parts of the body.

Award-winning technology

Morpheus8 has received the "Product Innovation of the Year" award at the Church Pharmacy Awards 2021.

Radiofrequency treatment is the perfect solution

  1. To tighten saggy skin.
  2. Eliminate the signs of aging.
  3. Help with pigmentation problems.
  4. Soften wrinkles and fine lines.
  5. Renew uneven skin texture.
  6. Treating enlarged pores, scars and post-acne lesions.
  7. Reduce fatty tissue build-up. 
Radiofrequency treatment is the perfect solution


After thoroughly cleansing, numbing and disinfecting the treated area, the microneedling radiofrequency treatment takes about 30 minutes depending on the size of the area to be treated. A tingling, pinpoint sensation is expected during the treatment, but no other discomfort is expected due to the local anesthesia.

Depending on the skin sensitivity, the headpiece will be selected and the depth of the microneedles will be adjusted. At the end of the treatment, if the treated area could be exposed to sunlight we apply a special sunscreen to the area to ensure maximum protection against UV rays.


Observ facial diagnostics: Aesthetic consultation with treatment plan 15 000 Ft /session
Dermatological consultation and examination 35 000 Ft /session
Morpheus 8 treatment - full face 230 000 Ft /session
Morpheus 8 treatment - neck 110 000 Ft /session
Morpheus 8 decolletage treatment 130 000 Ft /session
Morpheus 8 treatment - full face and neck 280 000 Ft /session
Morpheus 8 treatment - neck and decolletage 200 000 Ft /session
Morpheus 8 treatment - full face, neck and decolletage 350 000 Ft /session
Morpheus 8 strech mark treatment - area the size of 2 palms 150 000 Ft /session
Morhepus 8 treatment - eye area 120 000 Ft /session
Morpheus 8 skin tightening on body - area the size of 2 palms 1 session 200 000 Ft /session
Morpheus 8 skin tightening on body - area the size of 5 palms 1 session 280 000 Ft /session



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Frequently Asked Questions

The Morpheus8 procedure can be used on all skin types, but is highly recommended for those who:

  • desire firmer and tighter skin,
  • want to reduce the signs of aging, sagging and wrinkles,
  • want to enhance the elasticity and texture of their skin,
  • want to eliminate the appearance of enlarged pores and scars.

We use the Morpheus8 procedure in a series of treatments: a total of 3 sessions are recommended, which can be carried out monthly. The treatment can be used at any time of the year, but special attention must always be paid to sun protection. The effects are expected to be visible for approximately 1 year. 

Immediately after the treatment, mild redness, swelling and minimal skin sensitivity may occur, but these will disappear within a few hours. Special care should be taken to protect the skin from direct sunlight after the treatment. For at least a week, the treated area should be protected from heat, steam and hot baths as well. For 2-3 weeks, sauna, solarium and sunbathing are not allowed. For 48 hours, avoid any activity that causes excessive sweating. Also, avoid wearing make-up for at least 1 day.

The treatment should not be done in case of pregnancy, breast-feeding, febrile illness, active skin disease or tendency to keloid formation.

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