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We create harmony and balance between the body and the soul with our personalized plastic surgery procedures - using state-of-the-art technology and highly qualified plastic surgeons.


Facial plastic surgery includes a variety of procedures such as facelift, rhinoplasty, forehead and nose surgery, neck and chin surgery, ear surgery and many other procedures. Such procedures may be intended to reduce signs of aging, correct facial features, restore skin firmness and contours or harmonize facial proportions.



Plastic surgery of the body includes a wide range of procedures such as plastic surgery of the arms, abdomen, buttocks, torso, thighs, liposuction and other combined procedures. These procedures make it possible to restore the appearance of the body, reshape it, sculpt it, restore skin firmness and harmonise proportions. Such interventions can help to increase self-confidence and achieve individual goals.



Breast surgery includes procedures that enhance and improve the appearance of the breasts, such as breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction, combined breast surgery, breast correction and other procedures. Their goal is to achieve a proportionate, aesthetic and symmetrical shape taking into account the individual needs and goals of the patient, which improves self-esteem and confidence.



Genital plastic surgery involves procedures that improve the appearance and functionality of the intimate areas. The aim is to address aesthetic and functional problems in the intimate areas, which can have a positive impact on self-confidence and a woman's sex life.


Frequently asked questions

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Before any plastic surgery, we perform a full examination, which most often includes laboratory tests, ECG and X-rays. Depending on the type of procedure, other tests may be required (e.g. abdominal or breast ultrasound), which will be explained in detail during your personal consultation. 

You should stop smoking and using nicotine-containing products in the previous weeks before plastic surgery, as nicotine slows down the healing process. In the week before surgery, avoid taking blood thinners (e.g. aspirin), vitamin C, selenium, zinc, ginkgo biloba and other herbal preparations. In addition, you should pay special attention to fluid intake to ensure that your body is well hydrated and prepared for the procedure. However, it is important to avoid alcohol consumption.

The recovery period after plastic surgery takes a few weeks, usually 1-2 weeks before you can return to your normal, non-strenuous daily routine, but for some procedures the recovery time may vary depending on the type and severity of the procedure. 

If you had general anesthesia during your surgery, you will spend 1 night in the clinic after the operation, after which you will be discharged with an adult companion. The treated area may usually show swelling, tenderness, bruising and pain, which we recommend cooling with gel packs several times a day for a few days. At the end of the operation, a drain tube is usually inserted into the wound to allow excess blood and fluid to escape. The drain tube is removed after 1-2 days.

At the end of each plastic surgery procedure, we provide detailed information on aftercare and what to do afterwards. But in general, the followings are applicable to post-operative care:

  • You will need plenty of rest and bed rest in the days after plastic surgery to allow your body to recover as quickly as possible after surgery. 
  • You will need to take antibiotics and painkillers for a few days, as prescribed by your doctor.
  • The surgical area should normally be kept dry for 1 week.
  • Depending on the type of surgery, you will need to wear a compression garment for a certain period of time (usually for 24 hours for a few days, then only at night for a few weeks) to prevent possible complications and side effects.
  • For about 6 weeks you should completely avoid any strenuous physical activity, intense exercise, lifting heavy objects and excessive bending. After that, you can return to sport only gradually.
  • It is recommended to avoid solariums, sunbathing and saunas for 2 months.
  • During the recovery period, smoking, nicotine-containing products and alcohol should be avoided.

Plastic surgery is not recommended during pregnancy, breastfeeding, menstruation, in case of fever or other acute illness. Furthermore in case of diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease or organ abnormalities, a separate consultation with a specialist is always required.

In each case, we strive to create the right shape and form for you, according to your needs and ideas, in a very natural way. In many cases, plastic surgery procedures can help to create harmony between body and soul and restore patients' self-confidence and self-esteem. 

We perform plastic surgery in the following cases: 

  • For aesthetic or rejuvenation purposes: to reduce the signs of aging, smoothing of lines and wrinkles, tightening of sagging skin, surgical body contouring, removal of excess fat or excess skin due to weight loss or other reasons.
  • Reconstructive: repair of injuries and scars caused by diseases or accidents.

Generally any part of the body can be operated on: different parts of the face, neck, torso, breasts/chest, abdomen, upper and lower limbs, as well as intimate areas.

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