Aesthetic consultation

We provide comprehensive and professional solutions through our personalized approach with the utmost dedication and expertise to examine the current condition of your skin and find the perfect treatment plan for You while taking into account your main concerns and expectations.

Body-shaping consultation with personalized treatment plan

We create a body contouring programme based on your specific goals and ideas: together we will find the best aesthetic treatment for your problem and provide a personalized plan to get you on the conscious path to a healthy lifestyle journey!


Observ 520x Skin Analyzing System with consultation

With the Observ 520x skin analyzing system, we detect skin problems that are invisible to the naked eye - we give you a comprehensive view of the condition and quality of your skin!


ZO® Skin Health Skincare Consultation

We provide personalized, professional skin care consultation - the unique active ingredients in ZO® Skin Health products ensure healthy and youthful skin for years to come!


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