Dietetics is the science of nutrition, which aims to promote health, optimise nutrient intake and achieve personal goals, whether it is weight loss, preventing disease or meeting special dietary needs. Dietetics-assisted nutritional choices and lifestyle changes contribute to health maintenance and overall well-being.

Nutritional consultation with a registered dietitian

Our clinic offers a holistic view of harmonizing body, mind and soul around and within the diet. Our aim is to deliver modern and sustainable dietary plans that enable our patients’ success with ease - founded on true 21st century medicine.


Microbiome analysis and package offers

The dynamically evolving branch of modern world health preservation is formed by therapies based on the examination and modification of the gut microbiome. The analysis of the microbiome already serves as an effective guide for understanding our health status and addressing remediable issues.


Anti-aging dietetic consultation

Our unique, 360° approach to anti-aging solutions ensures that our patients receive professional guidance on all fronts, allowing them to preserve their youth, beauty, and well-being through meticulous planning. Our aesthetic facial treatments, nutritional and lifestyle advice delve deep into the root of aging problems and approach prevention with precision, offering solutions that surpass superficial treatments.


InBody Body Composition Measurement

Maintaining proper muscle and fat mass, adequate hydration, and preserving essential minerals in the body are crucial for our health. As we age, the loss of muscle mass is almost inevitable, especially in chronic illnesses, which can later have negative metabolic effects on the entire body. The fluctuations in fat mass, both in excess and deficiency, can be harmful. Low fat mass is associated with malnutrition, while excessive fat mass is more common and is primarily linked to cardiovascular diseases. However, both excessive fat mass and the associated metabolic changes have far-reaching consequences on the overall functioning of the body, affecting visceral organs and even brain function.


4- and 7-day meal plans

Starting a new lifestyle is often not easy, but it’s necessary to live every moment to the fullest. Our 4- and 7-day meal plans, curated for individual needs by our expert dietitian gives you the cheat code to establishing the new you.


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