We focus on women's intimate health at our clinic, including proper screenings, a wide range of contraceptive options and a broad selection of intimate rejuvenation treatments.

Gynecological screenings

Annual gynaecological screenings are an extremely important preventive measure in women's lives: they allow easy and early diagnosis of asymptomatic lesions, sexually transmitted diseases, inflammations and cancers.



At our clinic, you can choose from hormonal and hormone-free contraception methods both of which are safe, practical and convenient - with the right contraception, sexual intercourse will be more pleasureful without stress!


Labial laser rejuvenation

Laser treatment regenerates the tissues of the genital area without surgery, making it firm, tight and youthful again!


Laser treatment for Vaginal Dryness

Intimate laser treatment can significantly improve the general condition of the vagina including hydration, quickly, safely and permanently!


Incontinence Laser Treatment

Uncomfortable bladder dysfunction can be quickly and permanently eliminated without surgery using intimate laser treatment.


Laser Vaginal Tightening

Thanks to painless laser treatment, your intimate areas will be firm and restored to their former condition within a short time!


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