Postpartum diastasis recti

A split abdominal muscle is a common condition postpartum, where the connective tissue between the abdominal muscles stretches and separates, leading to the formation of a gap. There are many methods of treating a diastasis recti, including muscle strengthening, abdominal muscle contraction techniques and plastic surgery to help restore the abdominal muscles to their normal condition.

Postpartum diastasis recti

Why do the abdominal muscles separate?

Abdominal separation, also known as rectus diastasis, means your belly sticks out because the rectus abdominis muscles separate during pregnancy. These two flat and parallel muscles are separated by the linea alba which is a thin line of connective tissue. Because of the increased pressure during pregnancy this tissue bridge stretches out and cannot work as effectively cohesive as before.

This condition commonly affects pregnant women and people with class II-III obesity but in some cases it occurs in newborns or can be induced by regular hard physical work.

The separation of the abdominal muscles during pregnancy is part of a natural process in favor of providing a bigger space for the fetus. The unpleasant complications occur if the postpartum body cannot regenerate properly and the linea alba doesn’t regain its original shape and strength.

The following symptoms refer to this condition: a visible bulge that protrudes just above or below the belly button, lower back pain, poor posture, saggy belly, abdominal discomfort and muscle weakness. If You experience some of the mentioned, it’s highly suggested to consult a specialist in order to confirm an accurate diagnosis. This health condition can affect your whole body, your posture and digestion too, and may cause severe long-term complications without the right treatment.

The diastasis recti is more common in case of having weak connective tissue, twin pregnancy or a heavy baby but often occurs after c-sections or after the second/third/etc pregnancies or even after a huge weight loss.

The most common remedy for diastasis recti is physiotherapy and strengthening. The traditional therapeutic methods like medical gymnastics and doing an exercise program can be effectively complemented and fastened by neuromuscular electrical stimulation.

How can the diastasis recti be fixed?

FMS technology – Muscle building

FMS technology – Muscle building

In our clinic our professionals can successfully treat abdominal separation by the DEKA Schwarzy flat magnetic stimulation technique which method induces strong muscle contractions on the required area while stimulating the muscular and adipose tissues and also regenerating the injured abdominal structure. This completely painless treatment helps to strengthen the muscles and to increase the tone and volume. Eventually the tissues become firmer and tightened, the adipose tissue decreases and the body posture gets better.

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If the medical gymnastics and the electromagnetic neuromuscular stimulation is not enough, the treatment plan can be supplemented by an abdominoplasty in order to completely restore the separated abdominal muscles. The method also provides an opportunity to reduce the saggy, unwanted skin parts and the excess fat, therefore the belly can regain its flat, tight and firm appearance.

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