InBody Body Composition Measurement

Maintaining proper muscle and fat mass, adequate hydration, and preserving essential minerals in the body are crucial for our health. As we age, the loss of muscle mass is almost inevitable, especially in chronic illnesses, which can later have negative metabolic effects on the entire body. The fluctuations in fat mass, both in excess and deficiency, can be harmful. Low fat mass is associated with malnutrition, while excessive fat mass is more common and is primarily linked to cardiovascular diseases. However, both excessive fat mass and the associated metabolic changes have far-reaching consequences on the overall functioning of the body, affecting visceral organs and even brain function.

InBody Body Composition Measurement

About the service

InBody Body Composition Measurement

InBody 970

The InBody 970 is one of the most sophisticated body composition measurement devices currently available. It provides a comprehensive picture of weight distribution in the body. It not only reveals the current state but also provides essential information regarding future body composition goals during an analysis.

What does the InBody 970 body composition measurement reveal?

During a body composition measurement, you can learn about your:

  • Current body weight
  • Current body fat quantity, expressed in kilograms and percentage
  • Current muscle mass and the distribution of muscle mass throughout the body
  • Current water mass, both extracellular and intracellular
  • Current mineral quantity in the body, which can provide insights into bone mass
  • Current body composition
  • Current basal metabolic rate and calorie requirements
  • Directions for ideal body weight, muscle mass, and fat mass


Embarking on a lifestyle change and seeking healthier alternatives can be challenging, but it's crucial to accompany initial enthusiasm with perseverance. Regular InBody body composition monitoring quantifies the impact of your efforts, allowing you to precisely document your progress.


Personal nutritional and diet consultation + Inbody 970 body composition analysis 35 000 Ft /session
Anti-aging dietetic consultation + Inbody 970 body analysis 35 000 Ft /session



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