Gift voucher policy

The purpose of the Gift Voucher Policy is to make Voucher Issuers aware of the terms and conditions of ordering and using Gift Vouchers to Gift Voucher purchasers and users (hereinafter referred to as Customer or Customers).

The issuers of the Gift Voucher (hereinafter referred to as Zenon Clinic):

Zenon Medical Kft.Zenon Beauty Kft.Zenon Product Kft.
Company registration number:01 09 40196401 09 40196101 09 401963
Tax number:32000212-1-4132000157-2-4132000188-2-41
  • Seat: 1052 Budapest, Deák Ferenc tér 3. 2. em.
  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Represented by: Sárospataki Kitti ügyvezető

2. A Gift Voucher is a physical voucher issued by Zenon Clinic with an expiry date set by Zenon Clinic in your name, or an electronic form of a Gift Voucher generated by Zenon Clinic. The Gift Voucher entitles the Client to redeem the amount of money allocated to the Gift Voucher for services or products provided by Zenon Clinic.

3. A Gift Voucher do not qualify as currencies or electronic money and cannot be redeemed for cash, in whole or in part. The Customer shall not be entitled to receive in cash the difference between the amount of the balance and the value of the service or product purchased, if the value of the latter is lower than the balance of the Gift Voucher.

4. The Client may purchase the Gift Voucher online through the Zenon Clinic website or in person at the Zenon Clinic's registered office located at 1052 Budapest, Deák Ferenc tér 3. 2nd floor, during opening hours.

5. When making an online purchase, the Customer is required to provide his/her name, telephone number, email address, billing information, the value of the voucher (minimum HUF 10.000) or the service selected, the method of receipt and the payment method chosen, and the name of the owner of the Gift Voucher. In case of online purchase, the Gift Voucher can be purchased in gift wrapping or downloaded online in PDF format. If you choose gift wrapping, the Gift Voucher can be picked up in person at Zenon Clinic's registered office or you can request delivery by courier service. Delivery by courier service is expected to take 2-3 working days, the delivery fee is HUF 1.900 for a Gift Voucher worth HUF 25.000, above this amount it is free of charge.

6. In the case of a purchase made in person at the Zenon Clinic headquarters, the physical Gift Voucher will be sent to the Customer immediately after the data indicated in the previous point have been recorded and the value of the voucher or the selected service has been paid. In the case of a personal purchase, payment may be made by cash or credit card.

7. The Customer must provide the name of the Gift Voucher owner for both online and personal purchases. The Gift Voucher may only be used by the owner and is not transferable to a third party. The Gift Voucher owner must present the Gift Voucher to Zenon Clinic (in physical or electronic form) at the time of use.

8. The Customer may use the Gift Voucher more than once during its validity period until the balance is exhausted. If the value of the service or product is higher than the amount of the balance that can be used, the Customer must pay the difference in the price of the service or product by cash, bank transfer or credit card payment.

9. The use of a Gift Voucher does not exclude other discounts.

10. The validity period of the Gift Voucher is 12 months from the date of the purchase. The Gift Voucher can be used until the expiry date. Zenon Clinic shall not be liable for the consequences of the failure to redeem the Gift Voucher for reasons beyond Zenon Clinic's control, in particular the expiry of the expiry date of the Gift Voucher.

11. In the case of online purchases, the Customer acting as a consumer has the right to withdraw from the contract for the purchase of the Gift Voucher within 14 days of receipt of the Gift Voucher without giving any reason. The Customer may send his/her notice of withdrawal to the registered office of Zenon Clinic or to In case of withdrawal, Zenon Clinic will immediately deactivate the Gift Voucher. The Customer may not withdraw from the purchase of a Gift Voucher that has been used in whole or in part. In the event that the Customer has used the Gift Card between the date of receipt of the Customer's notice of withdrawal and the date of deactivation of the Gift Voucher, Zenon Clinic shall be released from its obligation to return the value of the Gift Voucher to the extent that the Customer has reduced the balance of the Gift Voucher.

12. Complaints regarding the Gift Voucher will be resolved by Zenon Clinic within 15 days of the Customer's complaint. The complaint or claim can be sent to

13. Zenon Clinic may refuse to use a Gift Voucher if the Gift Voucher expires, is not used by the Gift Voucher owner, or if the balance available for use on the Gift Voucher is too low.

14. For matters not covered by this Gift Voucher Policy, Act V of 2013 on the Civil Code, the General Terms and Conditions of Zenon Clinic and the Data Protection Notice of Zenon Clinic shall apply. The Customer must read and accept these Gift Voucher Policy, the General Terms and Conditions of Zenon Clinic and the Data Protection Notice of Zenon Clinic before purchasing a Gift Voucher.

15. This Gift Voucher Policy is available on the website and at Zenon Clinic's registered office.

Budapest, 22 november 2023.

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