Medical aesthetics

With innovative technologies and dedicated medical experts, we provide long-lasting and stunning facial rejuvenation with our personalized medical aesthetic treatments - your appearance will be youthful, tight and radiant again!

Hyaluronic acid fillers

Balanced facial features, wrinkle-free and supple skin, a vibrant, fresh look - hyaluronic acid fillers help to restore your youthfulness effectively and comfortably!


Botox treatments

Our absolutely safe and completely professional botox treatments will make a spectacular difference to your overall look and features! Thanks to botulinum toxin, your features will be youthful, smooth and harmonious again!


Skinbooster treatments

A young, firm and smooth complexion - our skinbooster treatments visibly improve skin quality and texture, rejuvenate the skin and ensure proper deep hydration!


Thread lift

Youthful features, smooth, firm and toned complexion - a natural facelift without surgery with the technology of Thread Lift! In addition to the immediate lifting effect of wrinkles, the treatments also stimulate the skin's own regeneration process and the production of collagen fibers through bio-threads inserted into the deeper layers of the skin.


PRP treatments

Significant and lasting skin rejuvenation using the most natural approach available - PRP treatments give you healthy, youthful, firm and glowing skin! During the therapy, from your own blood, platelet-rich plasma is injected into your skin, stimulating the skin's natural regenerative, skin renewal ability!


Frequently asked questions

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Medical aesthetic treatments can only be performed by a specialised doctor with the relevant qualifications. The aim is not to treat specific diseases but to correct, prevent or eliminate aesthetic imperfections and problems of the face and body. Facial rejuvenation and skin renewal treatments slow down the natural ageing process, creating healthy, wrinkle-free and youthful skin.

Our highly skilled practitioners use cutting-edge technologies and formulations during procedures.

Medical aesthetic procedures can help to correct different aesthetic and skin problems. There are a wide range of treatment methods for a particular problem, so everyone can find the perfect technology and treatment approach for them.

Medical aesthetic procedures can help with the following:

  • professional skin rejuvenation and tightening,
  • the removal of wrinkles, fine lines and creases,
  • proper hydration of the skin,
  • regeneration of the skin's structure and quality,
  • treating certain skin conditions.

Among the medical aesthetic procedures, you can choose from the following treatments:

  • hyaluronic acid fillers, which help to hydrate and volumize your skin,
  • botox treatments, which naturally refresh facial features and eliminate wrinkles,
  • skinbooster treatments to stimulate skin regeneration, tighten and smooth the skin, 
  • thread lift treatments to rejuvenate and lift the face and stimulate collagen production,
  • PRP treatments, which use the patient's own blood to renew the skin or hair follicles as well.

All medical aesthetic procedures are preceded by a personal consultation to discuss your individual needs and problems, and to assess the condition of the area to be treated and the current skin quality.

Based on this, we will create a detailed and fully personalized treatment plan: we will choose the treatment best suited to your skin type and skin problem, determine the number and timing of the sessions you require, and go over the exact process of the procedure, the possibility of complications and the aftercare.

We usually perform a follow-up examination after the treatments and in many cases, maintenance treatments are recommended after a period of time mutually decided with the doctor.

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