Body Sculpting

Tight and contoured body through revolutionary body sculpting treatments! Through innovative and advanced technologies, we will transform your body shape in a remarkable and safe way: removing excess fat, reducing unattractive lesions and giving you a proportionate, flattering body shape.

Body contouring consultation with dietitian counseling

We create a body contouring programme based on your specific goals and ideas: together we will find the best aesthetic treatment for your problem and provide a detailed nutritional plan/meal plan to get you on the conscious path to a healthy lifestyle journey!


Fat reduction treatment

Body sculpting, treats localized fat, skin elasticity and cellulite: reshapes the silhouette painlessly and permanently with the DEKA ONDA Coolwaves™!



Get rid of localized fat permanently and effectively with the "fat freezing" method - the Z Lipo eliminates excess fat safely and painlessly!


FMS Muscle toning

Toned muscles, contoured body and increased muscle mass with clinical body sculpting - quickly, effectively and without pain! The perfect complementary treatment to your fitness journey!


Anti-cellulite treatment

Get rid of the stubborn cellulite with Z-Wave Pro shockwave therapy - fast and without pain!


Lymphatic drainage massage

We help with sore, swollen limbs, oedemas and puffiness with Dr. Life Wave Massage Therapy - empower your body with lymphatic massage!


Treatment of Diastasis Recti

DEKA's Schwarzy technology safely and permanently helps to repair a separated abdominal muscle - relief from permanent pain with our treatment!


Morpheus8 - Microneedling with radiofrequency

The combination of two of the most effective anti-ageing technologies guarantees a remarkable skin rejuvenation.


Frequently asked questions

Do you have more questions?

Creating an ideal and contoured body is not an easy task. Aging, pregnancy, childbirth and weight gain can completely change your body shape. In many cases, a healthy lifestyle, regular exercise and serious perseverance are not enough to get rid of fat and excess skin. Body sculpting treatments can help you feel more comfortable and at home in your own body. We can safely improve your body contours and eliminate any skin problems without surgery. Thanks to a variety of professional, innovative technologies and state-of-the-art devices, we can reshape your body contours with only minimal discomfort.

Body sculpting treatments are mainly used to help you get in shape, not to lose weight. 

During the procedures, we effectively reshape your body contour using the best procedures, technologies and tools to suit your individual needs. 

The body treatments help to: 

  • create more proportionate figure, 
  • reduce localized fat,
  • tighten the skin,
  • sculpt and strengthen muscles, 
  • reduce cellulite and stretch marks.

During a personal consultation, we will plan an individual treatment for you, which is completely personalised, as we will choose the best treatment for you based on your specific, individual problem.

Treatments are recommended in cases where

you want firmer, more even and smoother skin on different parts of your body,

you need help in eliminating localised fat deposits,

you want to regain your old shape after childbirth,

you want to get rid of cellulite and stretch marks,

you want a shapelier, more muscular body contour.

    During the consultation and treatments we can shape your entire body, discussing possible solutions and variations. The areas most commonly worked on are the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, arms, hips, back, neck and chest.

    The number of treatments may vary from person to person, depending on the area treated, the method of treatment, the severity of the problem, the quality of the skin and the amount of excess fat. The number and frequency of treatments will be determined within your individual treatment plan during your consultation with your specialist.

    Depending on the specific body treatment, you can expect different levels of discomfort and recovery times. We use topical numbing cream during the procedures if necessary, so you should expect minimal discomfort during the treatment. However, certain treatments are completely painless (e.g. FMS muscle building, cellulite treatment). During your consultation with a specialist, we will go over the treatment procedure and any potential discomfort in detail so that you are fully aware of everything.

    During body treatments, we use several different technologies and machines, so the pre- and aftercare and recovery time can vary significantly from one treatment to another. In order to ensure that you are fully prepared and have all the information you need before the procedure, we will provide you with detailed information about what you need to know and do in a personal consultation.

    Body treatments are not recommended during pregnancy, breastfeeding, menstruation, fever, active skin infection, epilepsy, hernia, bleeding disorders. In addition, certain treatments are not suitable if there are hearing aids or metal or electronic implants in the body.

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