Treatment of Diastasis Recti

DEKA's Schwarzy technology safely and permanently helps to repair a separated abdominal muscle - relief from permanent pain with our treatment!

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Treatment of Diastasis Recti

What is a Diastasis Recti?

The rectus abdominis muscles are vertically positioned in the abdominal wall, held together by a dense, fibrous connective tissue. This band of connective tissue is called the linea alba. Under intense abdominal pressure, this connective tissue may stretch and tear, causing the abdominal muscle to essentially split. This is called the diastasis recti.

A separated abdominal muscle can cause a number of health problems, so treating it is crucial. Today, there are clinical solutions to this problem, in addition to physiotherapy: with DEKA's Schwarzy technology, we can treat the problem very effectively and permanently.

DEKA's Schwarzy magnetic muscle stimulation eliminates the problem of a separated abdominal muscle. Make an appointment for a consultation for more information!

What is the cause of the diastasis recti?
What is the cause of the diastasis recti?

What is the cause of the diastasis recti?

A separated abdominal muscle most often occurs during pregnancy, as the baby needs space in the abdomen during pregnancy. Therefore, the connective tissue opens up, which is a natural, painless and undetectable process. However, after childbirth, the linea alba may remain open and not return to its original state. This can cause more serious problems later on, with a gap of up to 2-4 fingers between the rectus abdominis muscles.

A separated abdominal muscle can be caused by

  1. pregnancy (very common with: twins, heavy baby, C-section),
  2. weak abdominal muscles,
  3. weak connective tissue,
  4. working with heavy weights,
  5. being overweight.
A separated abdominal muscle can be caused by

Why is it important to treat diastasis recti?

The abdominal muscles perform many important functions for the body, which it cannot do properly when the abdominal muscles are separated. Other areas are then left to do the job, which can lead to a number of issues for the body.

A separated abdominal muscle can lead to the following symptoms:

  • the stomach protrudes,
  • giving the appearance of a pregnant woman,
  • severe lower back pain,
  • severe back pain, incontinence,
  • gynecological problems,
  • poor posture,
  • weakening of the perineum,
  • a hernia develops,
  • musculoskeletal/locomotor problems.

Treating diastasis recti with the DEKA Schwarzy

Due to the unpleasant pain and the many possible health problems, the treatment of diastasis recti is extremely important. In addition to physiotherapy, clinical solutions are now available.

With the DEKA Schwarzy device, we can treat separated abdominal muscles safely and without pain. The technology of the device is based on FMS (Focused Magnetic Stimulation): an electromagnetic field is generated by the handpiece which stimulates the abdominal muscles, restoring and strengthening damaged muscle tissue.

Thanks to muscle toning Thanks to muscle toning

Thanks to muscle toning

  • over-stretched abdominal muscles are strengthened,
  • the muscles are restored to their original position,
  • the abdominal muscles become firmer and more toned,
  • possible excess fat disappears.


Before your treatment, we will discuss your individual treatment plan in a personal consultation, based on the condition of your separated abdominal muscle.

Before the treatment, your stomach will be cleaned and a special gel will be applied. The electrodes are then applied to your abdomen. During the treatment, we use the DEKA Schwarzy device to perform concentrated magnetic muscle stimulation, which helps to strengthen the overstretched and separated abdominal muscles and restore their original condition. The device works in 3 phases: heating, contracting and massaging the abdominal muscles.

At the end of the series of treatments, the muscles become toned and firm again. At the end of the session, the gel is wiped off, and the stomach is cleaned. The procedure is absolutely painless, although occasionally you may experience muscle soreness in the abdominal muscles afterwards.


Body-shaping consultation with personalized treatment plan with Inbody body analysis 25 000 Ft /session
DEKA Schwarzy diastasis recti treatment 1 session 45 000 Ft /session
DEKA Schwarzy diastasis recti treatment 8 session 260 000 Ft /8 sessions




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Frequently asked questions

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The treatment is painless and safe to help with separated abdominal muscle, which can usually occur in the following cases:

  • after childbirth,
  • excessive overweight,
  • heavy weight training.

The difference is noticeable after the very first session, but the final results are only visible after 6-8 sessions. After the treatment, the muscles will continue to change for 2-4 weeks and the effects of the treatment will continue to increase as well.

We recommend 2 treatments per week. A break of 2-3 days should be taken between each treatment.

There are no side effects or discomfort after the treatment. Occasionally, you may experience a slight muscle soreness in the abdominal muscles, but basically you can carry on with your daily activities immediately without any problems. 

Treatment is not recommended in case of pregnancy, breast-feeding, menstruation, febrile illness, active skin infection, epilepsy, hernia, bleeding disorders. It is also not recommended if the patient has a hearing aid or metal or electronic implants.

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