STD testing

A screening combined with sampling and laboratory testing for the prevention and diagnosis of female and male sexually transmitted diseases.

STD testing
STD szűrés

STD screening for women and men

Regular screening for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) can diagnose dangerous infections such as HIV, syphilis, gonorrhea, Chlamydia, HPV and hepatitis A, B and C.

In our clinic, STD screening is performed using the most innovative diagnostic tools. This way, early detection and treatment of infection can prevent serious complications, including infertility and cancer.

STDs can affect both men and women, so it is worth considering seeing a specialist before the first time you have intercourse with a new partner, or even afterwards if you notice any unpleasant symptoms.

Awareness, prevention, and early detection with an effective treatment can save lives.

Complete discretion
Complete discretion

Complete discretion

Any information about sexuality and sexual health is strictly private. Empathy and the highest standards of medical confidentiality are core values in our clinic.

Quick and pain-free examination

STD testing is a routine procedure for our experienced specialists and performed with utmost caution, so a quick test may only cause a few moments of discomfort, depending on your individual sensitivity.

Reliable results

The sample taken is examined by experienced cytologists in one of the country's most advanced diagnostic laboratories. This means that the STD screening result can be used to precisely identify the cause.

Personalized treatment plan

If the test confirms an STD, our specialist will recommend further tests and targeted treatments depending on the type of STD. A personalized treatment plan will be set up and the appropriate medication will be prescribed.

Personalized treatment plan

During the screening

Establishing the exact location of the infection is key to an accurate diagnosis and an effective treatment plan. Depending on the type of infection, samples are either taken from the blood (HIV, syphilis) or from the site of infection, urethra, vagina or rectum (HPV, gonorrhea, Chlamydia). The site of sampling is decided by our specialist on the basis of the symptoms and anamnesis, and accordingly the appropriate sample is taken for further laboratory testing and a topical medication is prescribed to treat the symptoms. If necessary, the treatment plan will be supplemented with further tests, medicines and creams.


Gynecological examnation and consultation 35 000 Ft /session




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Frequently Asked Questions

It is recommended for people who…

  • want to have sexual intercourse with their new partner without using condoms, 
  • experience unpleasant symptoms after sexual intercourse,
  • have a sexual life with several partners,
  • change sexual partners frequently, 
  • are planning to have children (both partners)
  • has recurring lower abdominal pain, arthritis or fever.

For some STDs, it is important to consider the so-called "window period", which is 3 weeks for HIV, 4-5 weeks for syphilis, 2-5 days for gonorrhea, 2 weeks for chlamydia, 1 month for HPV and hepatitis. If STD screening is done too early, false negative results can be received.

The whole test takes about 20 minutes, so it can be incorporated into your daily routine easily.

Our specialist will need to know about your medical history and sexual habits, the contraception and protection you are currently using, and any complaints or symptoms you have experienced. It is advisable to come prepared with these information in advance.

STD screening cannot be done while you have your period. Avoid the use of medicines, antifungals or antibiotics in the genital area before sampling. Sexual intercourse is prohibited for 3 days prior to the test.

For men, urination is not allowed for 2 hours before the test to prevent the pathogens from being discharged with the urine.

STD screening should be repeated before the first sexual intercourse with a new partner or if there are any complaints.

If the laboratory test confirms STD infection, our specialist can recommend further tests and add targeted therapy to your personalized treatment plan. A follow-up test is recommended after the treatment is completed.

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