Pre-operative internal medical examination

Whether it's a minor or major surgical intervention, it always poses a challenge for the body. In order to minimize the number of complications and to allow the operating doctor to be aware of all important information about the patient, a preoperative internal medicine examination is essential.

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Pre-operative internal medical examination

What does the preoperative internal medicine examination include?

The preoperative internal medicine examination consists of a number of important elements:

  • Physical examination: A comprehensive physical assessment (percussion, auscultation, blood pressure, and pulse measurement).
  • 12-lead EKG examination.
  • Checking laboratory parameters: Complete blood panel, kidney function, liver function, amylase, lipase, CK, INR, and a complete urine test are necessary.

When is it necessary to conduct a preoperative examination?

A preoperative examination is required before every surgery, from outpatient surgical procedures to more complex surgeries with longer recovery times. For certain surgeries, consultation with an anesthesiologist is also necessary.


Consultation - Internal Medicine 30 minutes 35 000 Ft /session
Consultation - Internal Medicine 60 minutes 45 000 Ft /session
Immunity package for couples 40 000 Ft
Immunity package 24 000 Ft
Resting ECG 15 000 Ft /session
Resting ECG test with analysis 35 000 Ft /session




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