Post-Weight Loss Surgery

A tight and firm body is possible even after a major weight loss! With our body contouring plastic surgery, we will get rid of the unwanted excess skin and remaining fat as well!

Post-Weight Loss Surgery
Fogyás utáni plasztika, alakkorrekciós plasztika

Body contour correction with plastic surgery

After extensive weight loss, the quality and texture of the skin is completely transformed. Due to a massive increase in weight, the skin becomes stretched, loses elasticity and sags. After weight loss, in many cases, the skin is unable to contract, which can lead to a significant amount of excess skin in different areas of the body.

Excess, sagging, wrinkled skin and residual fatty tissue can be permanently removed with this combined plastic surgery, so that after weight loss your body will reflect your new lifestyle and your true hard earned results.

Do you struggle with stretched and sagging skin after a major weight loss? Make an appointment with one of our plastic surgeons and learn all about our post-weight loss plastic surgery options!

Post-weight loss surgery personalized for you

Weight loss surgery involves several procedures on different areas of the body at the same time, making it a highly invasive procedure. Every patient's case is different, so our plastic surgeon will tailor a treatment plan to your individual needs.

Combined body contouring plastic surgery can be performed on both the upper and lower body, so the following areas can be affected:

  • abdomen,
  • thighs,
  • buttocks,
  • arms,
  • back,
  • and breasts.

You can effectively transform your entire body with our post-weight loss surgery. You can achieve extremely significant changes. 

If the major weight loss means that more than 3 areas are involved in your body contouring procedure, you may require more than one surgery, usually several months apart. The plastic surgeon will give you precise information about this at the consultation. 

No more sagging skin No more sagging skin

No more sagging skin

Your figure will be more defined: your body contours will be sculpted and tightened.

The sagging skin after weight loss will completely disappear from the treated areas. You will no longer have to deal with the problems caused by the excess sagging skin during your daily activities or sports.

Real change

In most cases, you will only need to be prepared for one procedure, so you will only have to experience the post-operative recovery period once, making it easier to manage time off work.

The results of the surgery will also have a significant impact on your quality of life: your confidence and self-esteem will be greatly improved.

Real change


During your initial consultation, we will create your individual treatment plan, go over the exact details of the surgery, the different procedures and aftercare. Before the procedure, you'll be sent for a full check-up, including a lab test, ECG and X-ray.

Almost all post-weight loss surgery is performed under general anesthesia. The procedure itself can take up to 4-6 hours. During the surgery, we remove the excess sagging skin from the affected areas and, if necessary, the remaining excess fat as well by liposuction. After the surgery, you'll have a more contoured and firmer figure.

The surgery is finished by inserting drain tubes and putting the compression garments on the treated areas. You will spend 1 night in the clinic after the procedure and will be discharged the next day with an accompanying adult.


Plastic surgery consultation with examination 30 000 Ft /session




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Frequently Asked Questions

This plastic surgery is recommended if:

  • you have significant excess skin in different areas of your body after a major weight loss,
  • you want to tighten the arms, back, breasts, or tighten the abdomen, buttocks and thighs in one procedure,
  • you have reached your ideal body weight and have maintained it steadily for at least 6 months.

The results of post-weight loss surgery are immediately visible after the procedure, but the final result will be seen 3-6 months later.

The result is permanent and long-lasting after the recovery, but the skin can sag again in case of frequent weight changes, so it is important to reach and maintain the recommended weight.

Surgical scars do not disappear completely after the procedure. They will probably take on a reddish-pink hue for 6-12 months, after which they will start to fade. After the scars have healed, you can treat them with scar treatment to soften them even more. 

You should stop smoking in the months before surgery and stop using any nicotine-containing products, as nicotine slows down the healing process. In the days before the operation, you should stop taking anticoagulant medications, vitamin C, selenium, zinc, ginkgo biloba, herbal supplements. You should also make sure you drink enough water to keep your body hydrated for the operation. Avoid solariums and alcohol consumption in the week before the procedure.

As we perform surgery on several areas at once, the recovery time will be at least 1 month and you will need several months for the full recovery. In the 3 weeks after the operation, swelling, bruising, pain and numbness of the skin may occur in the treated areas, so it is advisable to ice or cool the areas. At the very end of the procedure, drain tubes will be inserted into your chest and back to remove blood and other build-up fluids to prevent any possible complications. The drain tubes should stay in for at least 2-5 days. You should also wear the compression garment for at least 6-8 weeks. 

  • The surgical area must be kept dry for 1 week.
  • You must sleep with your upper body upholstered for 3 weeks. If you are also having lower body surgery, it is recommended that you elevate your legs as well.
  • You should move in a slightly bent posture for a few weeks while standing.
  • You should not do any hard physical activity, sports, lifting or bending for the first 6-8 weeks. You must be very careful to perform only simple movements.
  • After about 3 months, you can start exercising again.
  • Avoid solariums, sunbathing and saunas for 2 months.
  • During the post-operative period, smoking, the use of any nicotine-containing products and drinking alcohol are not recommended. 
  • You should rest and drink plenty of water to keep your body properly hydrated.

Surgery is not recommended in case of pregnancy, breastfeeding, menstruation, febrile illness or other acute illness. In addition, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, lung disease or other serious health problems can cause serious complications and therefore a special consultation with a specialist is required.

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