Post-Covid Conditions

Post-COVID syndrome can be diagnosed through specific screening, which can be treated with the involvement of several specialists, and particular attention is dedicated to specific restoration and strengthening of the immune system.

Post-Covid Conditions
Post-Covid Conditions

What are the long-term effects of coronavirus infection and the symptoms of post-covid syndrome?

The number of long-covid cases increased significantly also in Hungary and a lot of people suffer from the unpleasant, late symptoms.

4-6 weeks after the acute phase it’s common to have some late-onset symptoms like fatigue, breathing difficulties, chest pain, concentration problems or insomnia. If these last for more than 12 weeks, the condition is called long-COVID or post-COVID syndrome. Its development is regardless of age or gender.

The most common symptoms are cardio-vascular-, pulmonary- or nervous system related. Beside the above mentioned problems, other complications can manifest, like loss of smell and taste, headache, tachycardia, palpitation, muscle pain, hair loss, memory loss and hearing problems, and in some rare cases even the signs of early onset dementia can develop.

The appearance of these symptoms are mostly inconsistent – one day the patient can feel completely healthy, but on the next one fatigue or fever or breathing difficulties may pop up.

COVID-19 and long-COVID can cause damage to more organ systems:

During the acute phase, the pneumonia can harm the pulmonary alveoli and as a consequence long-term breathing difficulties develop.

Cardiomyopathy is common and in some worse cases it can lead to heart failure.

Cardiovascular and coagulation defects can appear. The covid-19 infection increases the probability of developing blood clots and pulmonary embolism; also it’s considered as a major risk factor for stroke and heart attack.

In order to verify that You have post-covid syndrome, You’ll need a special scan. If the diagnosis is confirmed, more specialists may need to be involved in order to accomplish a therapy plan according to your exact symptoms. Pulmonary rehabilitation is usually necessary, accompanied by some gradually increased physical activities and in some cases we can have another focal point on improving mental health. Involving a dietitian is required in order to prevent and also to cure gastrointestinal symptoms. In addition, strengthening the immune system is vital.

What can we do about post-covid conditions?

Infusion therapy packages

Our clinic provides multiple kinds of immune-boosting infusion therapy packages. During the medical consultation our specialists create a completely personalized IV therapy plan according to the patient’s current health problems and symptoms. The most important vitamins and minerals will be chosen and included based on the patient’s lab results. The greatest benefit of IV therapy is that the body can get the most important nutrients and active agents all at once in a great and effective dose as soon as the infusion gets directly into the bloodstream. This method avoids the gastrointestinal system therefore the active substances can be absorbed completely. This therapy helps to restore homeostasis, improve the immune system and provides protection against other infections and diseases too.

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Infusion therapy packages

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