Ponytail lift

Stop the early signs of aging with a ponytail lift - this can make your face wrinkle-free, firm and youthful again!

Ponytail lift (Temporális emelés)

A minimally invasive technique for facelift

Fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and on the forehead are the first signs of ageing on the face. As the years go by, the skin loses elasticity, slightly sags and the contours of the face change a little bit as well. Many skin tightening facial treatments or plastic surgery can help with aging.

A ponytail facelift is a minimally invasive plastic surgery procedure that involves pulling your facial skin upwards, as you would if your hair were held up in a tight and high ponytail at the top of your head. This technique effectively lifts your entire face, creating a firm, smooth, wrinkle-free and youthful effect.

The name ponytail facelift is not a medical term. It was named as part of a marketing campaign to distinguish the treatment from other facelifts. However, it is a very good description of the effects and results of this plastic surgery procedure. 

Because the ponytail facelift is performed using an endoscopic technique, we cannot remove excess skin during the treatment, which would require much wider incisions.

Youthful and smooth complexion with the ponytail lift! Ask for a consultation with our plastic surgeon!

Effects of the ponytail lift

  • The entire face is lifted and the sagging of the skin is significantly reduced. Wrinkles and fine lines on the forehead, around the eyes and the bridge of the nose are eliminated.
  • The skin of the neck and chin also becomes firmer.
  • The eyebrows and eyes are lifted, giving an open look. 
Effects of the ponytail lift
No surgical scars, quick recovery

No surgical scars, quick recovery

Surgical scars will not be visible at all, as tiny incisions are placed behind the ear. After the surgery, you will be able to wear your hair in a ponytail. As it is a less invasive procedure, the recovery time is also much shorter.

It provides a very impressive lifting effect that tightens essentially the entire face. The lifting of the forehead, temples, chin, cheeks and eyebrows gives a youthful, renewed yet a natural effect.


Prior to your surgery, you will have a consultation with our plastic surgeon to discuss your individual treatment plan, the exact procedure and aftercare questions. You'll then need to have a full check-up to make sure you're completely healthy.

On the day of surgery, we will prepare you for the procedure by disinfecting the treated area and applying a local anesthetic. During the surgery, we will perform an endoscopic procedure. First, the plastic surgeon will make tiny incisions behind your ears at your hairline, which will be practically invisible after the operation. We then pull the skin upwards at the different incision points, lifting and tightening the face.

After the operation, you will need to stay in the clinic for a few hours for observation, but then you will be discharged with an accompanying person.


Plastic surgery consultation with examination 30 000 Ft /session



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Frequently Asked Questions

The ponytail lift treatment is mainly recommended for people under the age of 50 who have already started to show signs of aging, but they are still in the early stages, the skin is still supple and the sagging is not significant.

The effects of the surgery are not lifelong, as the skin continues to age after the procedure, but you can expect to feel the results of the surgery on your face for around 5-7 years. 

A ponytail facelift will make a very significant difference to your face. You can look younger by up to 7 years after the treatment.

You should stop smoking and using nicotine-containing products for at least 1 month before the operation, because nicotine interferes with the healing process. In addition, blood thinners (e.g. aspirin), vitamin C, selenium, zinc, ginkgo biloba, and other herbal preparations should be avoided for a few days before the operation. It is also advised to avoid alcohol.

Immediate swelling, bruising, hematoma and pain in the treated area may occur after the surgery, which will resolve on its own in about 5-7 days. The treated area should be cooled or iced in 20 minute intervals for 2 days. In very rare cases, bleeding, infection, nerve damage, numbness and scarring may occur, in which case you should see a specialist as soon as possible.

Because the ponytail facelift is one of the least invasive plastic surgery procedures, recovery time is much shorter. You can return to your daily activities and work after about 1 week. 

  • Although the ponytail facelift is less painful than other plastic surgery procedures, some pain may still be felt after the surgery. For this reason, you may want to take painkillers for 1-2 days. 
  • It is important to drink plenty of water and get enough rest to help your body to recover. 
  • For 1 week, it is recommended to sleep on your back with your upper body supported and elevated.
  • It is not recommended to smoke or drink alcohol in the weeks after the operation.
  • Avoid intense physical activities, sports, bending and lifting for at least 4 weeks. 
  • Avoid sunbathing, solariums and saunas during the recovery period.

Treatment is not recommended in cases of pregnancy, breastfeeding, menstruation, febrile illness or acute illness. In addition, a specialist consultation is required in case of diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and organ damage.

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