Pico laser hyperpigmentation treatment

The new technology of PicoPlus® can also treat pigment spots, freckles and changes caused by sun damage.

Pico laser hyperpigmentation treatment

About the service

Pico laser hyperpigmentation treatment

The procedure

PicoPlus® is the latest generation of picosecond lasers, which Lutronic has perfected in recent years. Pico lasers have brought a revolutionary breakthrough in the field of removing unwanted pigmented changes in the skin. Thanks to the special short-pulse laser technology, the laser does not only rely on heat to remove pigment spots. The laser sends picosecond pulses into the skin, which breaks the pigment into small pieces, which the body's immune system naturally removes in 1-2 seconds. In addition to removing unwanted tattoos and permanent makeup, PicoPlus® is an excellent choice for melasma, hyperpigmented spots and facial rejuvenation.

Melasma or hyperpigmentation

All melasma is hyperpigmentation, but not all hyperpigmentation is melasma. Hyperpigmentation refers to any discoloration of the skin - whether it's from acne scars, sun damage, freckles, age spots or a condition like melasma. Melasma is a type of hyperpigmentation, but it can typically be traced back to different causes (hormonal changes, skin damage, genetic factors), which means that we have to treat it a little differently. Up until now, melasma was a difficult condition to treat, disturbed by sun exposure that was difficult to avoid and characterized by flare-ups. However, the latest research sheds light on the development of hyperpigmentation, thus providing dermatologists with possible new treatment options. Melasma treated with conventional lasers initially appears to be successful, then flares up and darkens again shortly after treatment. The PicoPlus® picosecond laser is currently the most effective method for treating melasma.

Pigment spot removal

Pigment spot removal

The PicoPlus® laser has a greater photoacoustic (mechanical) and less photothermal (heat) effect on the pigment spots, thereby breaking the pigment particles more efficiently.

With the PicoPlus® laser, we can effectively treat melasma, latte spots, age spots and freckles.

Advantages of PicoPlus®

  • three times faster than nanosecond lasers
  • fewer treatments are needed to achieve spectacular results
  • it also effectively removes color pigments
  • no recovery time
  • can be used on all skin types
Advantages of PicoPlus®

The procedure

At the beginning of the treatment, the skin is thoroughly cleansed and disinfected. The area is then numbed to minimize any discomfort during the procedure. The laser light is passed through the targeted area, causing micro-damage to the affected areas and breaking down the pigment cells, resulting in tissue regeneration. To minimize any discomfort that may occur, the skin surface is continuously cooled during the procedure. Slight redness and sensitivity may be experienced immediately after the laser treatment, but these disappear within a short time. The patient must wear protective eyewear during the treatment.


Pico laser melasma treatment per unit area 60 000 Ft
Pico laser melasma treatment for cheeks 100 000 Ft
Pico laser melasma treatment for full face 120 000 Ft
Pico laser pigment spot treatment 1-3 pcs up to 5 mm 40 000 Ft
Pico laser pigment spot treatment 3-6 pcs up to 5 mm 70 000 Ft
Pico laser pigment spot treatment 7-10 pcs up to 5 mm 100 000 Ft
Pico laser pigment spot treatment 1-3 pcs 5 mm 70 000 Ft
Pico laser pigment spot treatment 3-6 pcs 5 mm 100 000 Ft



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