Pico laser tattoo removal

PicoPlus® uses high energy to target unwanted tattoos without damaging tissue.

Pico laser tattoo removal
Pico laser tattoo removal
The technology The technology

The technology

The PicoPlus laser, which does not burn the skin, unlike other slower lasers, has fewer or even neutral complications. Using advanced, ultra-short, picosecond laser skin treatment, many different treatments can be performed:

  • pigmentation / melasma
  • acne and scar treatment
  • tattoo removal (even for stubborn or difficult-to-treat tattoos)
  • intimate lighting

Another important advantage of the laser is that it provides fast and effective results, while minimizing pain and reducing the risk of skin burns, especially compared to other, slower lasers.

Tattoo removal

For tattoos, it is more effective in removing both multi-colored and black tattoos. Compared to previous generation laser technologies, the machine is more efficient, so it also provides optimal results for colored tattoos.

A revolutionary new pulse with a rapid burst of energy, which only takes a trillionth of a second, targets the colored pigment of the tattoo and leaves the surrounding tissues untouched. This ultra-short pulse causes a change in pressure that breaks the ink into tiny particles that are naturally removed from the body by the lymphatic system.

Advantages of PicoPlus®

  • three times faster than nanosecond lasers
  • fewer treatments are needed to achieve spectacular results
  • it also effectively removes color pigments
  • no recovery time
  • can be used for all skin types

The procedure

Before pico laser make-up tattoo removal, the skin surface to be treated is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. After that, the area is anesthetized so that the procedure involves only minimal discomfort. We guide the laser light through the treated area, which breaks the pigment into small pieces without damaging the surrounding tissues. To minimize any possible discomfort, the skin surface is continuously cooled during the procedure. Immediately after the pico laser treatment, slight redness and sensitivity may be experienced, but these will disappear within a short time. During the treatment, the patient must wear protective glasses.


Pico laser tattoo removal up to size S (5x5 cm area) 45 000 Ft
Pico laser tattoo removal up to size M (10x10 cm area) 55 000 Ft
Pico laser tattoo removal up to size L (20x20 cm area) 75 000 Ft
Pico laser tattoo removal XL size (full limb, back, etc.) individual




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