Pico laser makeup tattoo removal

PicoPlus® targets unwanted makeup tattoos with high energy without damaging tissue.

Pico laser makeup tattoo removal

About the service

Pico laser makeup tattoo removal

The technology

PicoPlus® is the latest generation of picosecond lasers, which Lutronic has perfected in recent years. Pico lasers have brought a revolutionary breakthrough in the field of removing unwanted pigmented changes in the skin. Thanks to special short-pulse laser technology, the laser does not only rely on heat to remove ink. The laser sends picosecond pulses into the skin, which breaks the pigment into small pieces, which the body's immune system naturally removes in 1-2 seconds. In addition to removing unwanted tattoos and permanent makeup, PicoPlus® is an excellent choice for the treatment of hyperpigmented spots and facial rejuvenation.

Makeup tattoo removal

Makeup tattoo removal

The versatility of PicoPlus® is due to the fact that the special handpieces available at four different wavelengths combined with the ps-domain pulse width make the removal of multi-colored and black tattoos even more effective. A bored or discolored eyebrow tattoo can be removed quickly, safely and effectively.

Advantages of PicoPlus®

  • three times faster than nanosecond lasers
  • fewer treatments are needed to achieve spectacular results
  • it also effectively removes color pigments
  • no recovery time
  • can be used for all skin types
Advantages of PicoPlus®

The procedure

Before pico laser make-up tattoo removal, the skin surface to be treated is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. After that, the area is anesthetized so that the procedure involves only minimal discomfort. We guide the laser light through the treated area, which breaks the pigment into small pieces without damaging the surrounding tissues. To minimize any possible discomfort, the skin surface is continuously cooled during the procedure. Immediately after the pico laser treatment, slight redness and sensitivity may be experienced, but these will disappear within a short time. During the treatment, the patient must wear protective glasses.


Dermatological consultation and examination 35 000 Ft /session



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