Personalised infusion therapy

With our personalised infusion therapy, we will prepare a fully customised vitamin cocktail for you to replenish your body with the most important vitamins and active ingredients!

Személyre szabott összetételű vitamininfúziós terápia

About the service

Personalised infusion therapy

Infusion therapy based on your individual needs

During your personalised infusion therapy, we will create your individual vitamin cocktail based entirely on your body's needs and the results of your laboratory tests. This allows us to support your immune system and your health quickly and extremely effectively. The infusion treatment practically fills your body with the most important nutrients.

Recharge your body with the right vitamins and minerals through our personalised infusion therapy! Make an appointment for a consultation!

How does it work?

We will prepare a very high doses of fully personalised vitamin and mineral complex for you after a full assessment. The absorption of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and other active ingredients is 100%, ensuring that none of the vitamins are wasted!

The active substances are absorbed directly into the bloodstream

They bypass the digestive system completely, so the cocktail has a much better bioavailability than an oral intake of vitamins.

You will experience a visible and immediate change: you will feel healthier, fresher and more energetic.

The active substances are absorbed directly into the bloodstream

When to choose a vitamin infusion treatment?

Infusion therapies have many benefits and, because they are completely personalised, they can really address your own unique problems and deficiencies.
The treatment can help with the followings: The treatment can help with the followings:

The treatment can help with the followings:

  1. Supporting and strengthening the immune system
  2. Slowing down the ageing process
  3. Skin rejuvenation, strengthening the connective tissues
  4. Detoxification
  5. Reducing stress and its effects
  6. Improving brain function and concentration
  7. Strengthening and rebuilding muscles
  8. Increase energy levels
  9. Faster recovery time after illness, surgery


Before the infusion therapy, we will have a consultation to thoroughly assess the state of your body, your problems and your goals. You will need to attend a full laboratory test so that we can see your exact levels and personalise your infusion treatment accordingly. Based on your lab results, we will select the vitamins and active ingredients that are most important to you and combine them in your custom formulated infusion.

The infusion treatment lasts approximately 1-1.5 hours, which you can spend in a relaxed environment in a comfortable room. You can lie comfortably on your bed and wait for the current dose to be absorbed into your system.

Frequently asked questions

Do you have more questions?

The infusion therapy is recommended for anyone who wants to replenish their body with specific vitamins. It is particularly useful in the following situations:

  • you want to replenish and rejuvenate your body,
  • you are under a lot of stress and strain in your daily life,
  • you have a long night and little sleep (e.g. you are pregnant),
  • you exercise intensively,
  • you're recovering from major surgery or illness,
  • your immune system is weakened,
  • you suffer from constant migraines,
  • you have asthma,
  • you have a food allergy or an absorption disorder.

During infusion therapy, the bioavailability of vitamins and minerals is 100%, as they bypass the digestive tract and are immediately absorbed into the bloodstream. In contrast, only about a fifth of the active ingredients of vitamins taken orally are absorbed, and this process is much slower and more difficult.

Persistent vitamin deficiency weakens the immune system, slows cell regeneration, reduces workload, makes it harder to concentrate and speeds up the ageing process. Essentially, it has a negative impact on the whole body and our health.

Depending on the individual condition, the number of suitable treatment courses we recommend at the start of therapy varies from person to person. However, after the initial treatments, it is usually worth repeating the infusion therapy once a month to maintain adequate vitamin and mineral levels.

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