Loose skin all over the body

After a major weight loss or pregnancy, the quality and texture of the skin can change significantly, resulting in excess skin. Conscious muscle training and professional skin tightening treatments can significantly improve the condition of the skin, but in more severe cases, only plastic surgery can provide an effective solution.

Loose skin all over the body
Loose skin all over the body

What causes loose, saggy skin?

Significant weight fluctuation has its mark on our body. After a huge weight loss the quality and texture of the skin changes completely. Under the skin surface, muscle- and adipose tissue provide the firmness of the superficial layers. Significant weight fluctuation destroys the skin quality and ruins its construction completely.

As a result of weight loss the fat cells decrease, but the size of the affected skin part remains the same. If this slimming process takes place in a very short time, then the elastic compartments of the skin cannot adapt properly to the change. The “adipose tissue base” disappears, therefore the upper layers lose their tightness and become saggy and hanging. Having a considerable amount of excess skin is one of the most common aesthetic problems after a huge weight loss.

It’s also a very common problem among new mothers after childbirth, when the stretched out abdominal tissues (and other skin parts) cannot go back to their original state.

The bigger the weight-change, the more problematic the excess, loose skin can become.

The size of the saggy skin area differs from person to person. It depends on the amount of weight loss and the starting point or the starting degree of obesity. Genetic factors, sedentary lifestyle, natural aging process, smoking, the amount of UV radiation and sun damage and also the increased stress are considered as influencing factors.

You’re considered very lucky if You inherited a skin type less prone to sagginess and losing its elasticity. Unfortunately it’s more frequent to be sensitive about the slightest weight-fluctuation and having problems with its unpleasant changing effect on the skin texture. Preserving and restoring muscles are extremely important if you’d like to prevent saggy skin because it can balance out the amount of body fat.

You need to be conscious about your workout plan and eating pattern but unfortunately in some cases the combination of these and even an adequate medical aesthetic treatment plan is not enough. In severe cases plastic surgery can be the only effective and long-term solution.

What can we do about saggy skin?

Morpheus8 microneedling radiofrequency - Skin tightening Morpheus8 microneedling radiofrequency - Skin tightening

Morpheus8 microneedling radiofrequency - Skin tightening

A fractional radiofrequency microneedling is an excellent way of tightening the loose, saggy skin parts and also of reducing the unwanted fat pockets. The radiated thermal energy makes the skin contract and tighten up while an intense regenerational process is triggered. New collagen and elastin production makes the skin firmer, tighter and glowier while strengthening the skin texture and improving the contour of the body.

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Radiofrequency Assisted Liposuction

By radiofrequency assisted liposuction our professionals can precisely and permanently get rid of the excess subcutaneous fat storages. During the treatment the emitted high thermal energy makes the connective tissue contract and as a consequence simultaneously dissolve fat and induce collagen- and elastin production in a single treatment. The technique promotes the regeneration process while making the treated area appear firmer and more toned. While tightening the skin surface and restoring its’ elasticity, it can be applied to multiple, larger body areas like the abdomen, glutes, legs (thighs, knees) and arms and even the under chin.

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Radiofrequency Assisted Liposuction
Coolwaves™ skin thightening Coolwaves™ skin thightening

Coolwaves™ skin thightening

Coolwaves™ skin tightening is also a great way to reduce sagging skin, improve skin firmness and increase elasticity. The waves cause collagen fibres to contract and break down fat cells, which are then naturally eliminated from the body through the metabolic process. The effect is to reduce local fat accumulation, eliminate cellulite, reduce sagging and significantly improve body contour.

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FMS technology – Muscle building

In our clinic our professionals can successfully supplement the regular physical activity by the DEKA Schwarzy flat magnetic stimulation technique which method induces strong muscle contractions of the required area while stimulating the muscular and adipose tissues and also regenerating the injured structures. This completely painless treatment helps strengthen the muscles and increase the tone and volume. Eventually the tissues become firmer and tightened and the adipose tissue decreases.

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FMS technology – Muscle building
Body-lift surgery after weight loss Body-lift surgery after weight loss

Body-lift surgery after weight loss

If even the adequate medical aesthetic treatments lose out, the excess loose and wrinkly skin can be removed permanently by a combinated plastic surgery. In our clinic a custom-tailored operational plan is created to supplement and complete the weight loss process. Different types of surgeries are done all at once which means You need only one session to restore the appearance of your abdomen, thighs, butt, arms, back and even your breasts. This kind of surgery is a proven remedy for saggy and uneven skin and evaluates a more defined body contour and well-shaped, firm, youthful body parts. These changes have a great beneficial effect on the self-esteem and quality of life.

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Body contouring and dietetic consultation: a personalized body contouring treatment plan with nutritional counseling to achieve your goals

We provide extensive support for those who want to become their best selves by getting a slimmer or more sculpted figure. There are many procedures and sculpting technologies available today, but the key is determination and a consistent approach. We not only provide the most effective body contouring technologies and professional treatments, but also lifestyle and nutritional support to help you achieve your goals effectively and maintain your results over time.

During the consultation, we will assess what combination of treatments you may need to achieve your desired goal based on your current body composition. We will then create a personalized treatment plan for you. In addition, we will complete the programme with a customized meal plan and lifestyle recommendations according to your habits and possibilities.

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