Lipoma removal

A quick, pain-free procedure to effectively remove the benign subcutaneous fat tumors.

Lipóma eltávolítás

Permanent lipoma removal

Lipomas, which appear on different parts of the body, are basically benign (not cancerous), fatty lumps that are mainly aesthetically disturbing. However, their removal is also considered necessary for health reasons to surely exclude the possibility of malignant tumors.

Surgical excision of lipomas offers a quick, pain-free and permanent solution for the removal of lumps in any part of the body, whether in/on the chest, armpits, shoulders, neck, thighs or soft tissue.

The procedure improves the appearance of the patient's body, which has a positive impact on well-being and self-confidence.

A combined treatment
A combined treatment

A combined treatment

Lipoma can be removed surgically, through an incision and by extracting the fatty tumor, which is carried out by our specialist according to a personalized treatment plan.

With a professional lipoma removal, the result is permanent and the lesion will not grow back.

Lipoma removal is performed by an experienced specialist in aesthetic surgery. The procedure requires a small incision and in most cases heals without permanent scarring.

Exclusion of malignant lesions

Deep-seated lipoma can be easily mistaken for some malignant tumors, so it is highly recommended to consult with a specialist when it first appears. After excision, a histology examination is performed.

Exclusion of malignant lesions


An accurate diagnosis of lipoma is the expertise of a dermatologist who can clearly distinguish it from a malignant lesion. If no further examination is necessary, the area is cleaned, disinfected thoroughly and then anesthetized locally. After numbing, our surgeon will make a small incision around the lipoma and remove the fatty tumors along with the capsule, using pressure. The incision site is closed with a few stitches. After 2 weeks, the sutures are removed.


Dermatological consultation and examination 35 000 Ft /session
Surgical removal of skin lesion / nevus on body 60 000 Ft (min) / pcs



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Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend it for people who…

  • want to get rid of an aesthetically unappealing lipoma, 
  • want a more attractive, harmonious appearance, 
  • to prevent the possibility of a malignant lesion, 
  • suffer from an overgrown lipoma, which causes physical pain and numbness.

A lipoma removal is a quick procedure performed on an ambulatory care basis and takes about 1 hour, depending on the number, size and location of the lipomas you want to remove.

Regular medication can be taken before the procedure, but it is advisable to consult your dermatologist in advance if you are taking anticoagulant medication (e.g. aspirin).

Avoid sun exposure and sunbed use for at least 6 weeks after the procedure. Suture removal is due 2 weeks after the procedure. Our doctor will recommend a special ointment to help the skin heal more quickly, other cosmetics are not allowed to use on the wound. During this time, avoid any activity that could cause stretching of the affected area and any activity that involves sweating. 

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