Intravenous Vitamin Therapy

A healthy immune system, a balanced lifestyle, youthful skin - with high-dose vitamin infusion therapy, we kick-start your body's regenerative powers!

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Intravenous Vitamin Therapy

Vitamin infusion therapy for cell health

As the years go by, cell regeneration slows down and cell senescence sets in, leading to various types of functional deterioration over time. The appearance changes: the skin loses elasticity, sags, becomes dehydrated and wrinkles appear. Physical and mental freshness is significantly affected: strength and concentration are also weakened.

The body needs a constant supply of vitamins and nutrients to maintain a healthy state and promote cell renewal. Various vitamin infusion therapies can provide your body with the most important nutrients for your body in extremely high doses, all at once!

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A pure vitamin boost for your body  A pure vitamin boost for your body 

A pure vitamin boost for your body 

A vitamin infusion is a process whereby the body is loaded with a high dose of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, antioxidants and a combination of other active ingredients. The high doses of vitamins and nutrients are delivered directly into the bloodstream, so they are 100% absorbed and completely skip the digestive system.

The vitamin infusion treatment can help with these

  • Restore the body's balance.
  • Energizes, rejuvenates and hydrates.
  • Promotes cell regeneration.
  • Improves the condition and quality of the skin.
  • Stops cellular aging.
  • Improves mental abilities, memory, concentration.
  • Significantly strengthens the immune system.
  • Protects against infections and diseases.
  • Can promote weight loss.

Personalized therapy: we customize the vitamin infusion therapy for you

In your personalized treatment plan, we will create the most suitable regenerative infusion treatment according to your individual needs! Based on your problems and lab results, we will select the most important vitamins, minerals and cell regenerating substances for your body. With a series of treatments, you'll strengthen your immune system, become more balanced and healthy, and your skin will look youthful again.

Personalized therapy: we customize the vitamin infusion therapy for you


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Prior to the vitamin infusion therapy, we will conduct a preliminary examination during a personal consultation to assess your condition and discuss the problem you want to solve. You will be required to have a laboratory test so that we can adjust your treatment plan to your exact values.

The vitamin infusion therapy takes about 1-1.5 hours. At the beginning of the treatment, you will be seated in a comfortable room where you can participate in the therapy in a relaxed environment. You can lie comfortably on a bed and wait for the infusion cocktail to finish dripping. For long-term results, the treatment will be repeated several times based on your individual treatment plan.

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Vitamin infusion therapy is recommended if:

  • you are tired, exhausted and under too much stress,
  • you want to boost your mental and physical performance,
  • you regularly fall ill or get infections,
  • you want to recover more quickly from a prolonged illness or post-operative recovery,
  • suffering from cancer, rheumatism or an immunological disease, 
  • have digestive or wound healing problems,
  • have uncomfortable and recurring allergies,
  • other health problems.

The number of vitamin infusion therapies depends on the patient's condition and problem. The number and regularity of sessions will be determined in the individual treatment plan before starting the therapy. 

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