Insertion and removal of an IUD

A safe and potentially hormone-free solution for more enjoyable intercourse and prevention of unintended pregnancy.

Insertion and removal of an IUD
Fogamzásgátló spirál felhelyezés/eltávolítás

Effective and reliable contraception

The IUD is one of the leading methods for preventing unintended pregnancy. The soft, flexible T-shaped device, made of plastic or copper, uses a so-called sterile inflammation on the surface of the uterus to prevent the egg from being fertilized.

Besides the hormone-free IUD, a hormone-supplemented IUD is also available, so it offers hormonal protection as well as physical barrier.

It has the great advantage of being able to prevent pregnancy without the inconvenience of medication and discomfort of condoms, and even completely hormone-free, while making your sexual intercourse more natural, enjoyable and intense.

Safe contraception
Safe contraception

Safe contraception

The contraceptive IUD physically prevents fertilization. The hormone containing IUDs work slowly and gradually and provide even more effective protection against unintended pregnancy.

Quick and pain-free procedure

The insertion of the device takes only a few minutes. Depending on individual sensitivity, insertion and removal may cause discomfort lasting a few moments.

Complete discretion

Any information about sexuality and sexual health is strictly private. In our clinic, empathy and the strictest medical confidentiality are fundamental values.

A personalized solution

The insertion of an IUD is always performed after a gynecological examination and cervical screening. Our specialist will choose the most ideal size and type of device for your individual needs.

A personalized solution


The most ideal time for inserting and removing the IUD is the first 3 days of menstruation, as this is the time when the salivary duct dilates most easily. Before the treatment, our gynecologist will check the health of the uterus with a vaginal ultrasound, then use a speculum to open the canal to see the cervix. After that he passes the uterine sound through the cervix to measure the depth and position of the uterus. He disinfects the area, and using a special tube/slider the IUD is inserted into place. Finally, he cuts the guide wire to size so that only about 2-5 cm hangs into the vaginal canal and then uses ultrasound to check that the IUD is in the right place.

When the IUD is removed, the gynecologist removes the device by holding the guide wire with special forceps. Lastly, an ultrasound is used to check the health of the uterus.


Gynecological consultation with examination and ultrasound 39 000 Ft /session
IUD insertion/removal 30 000 Ft /session
Gynecological cancer screening: phisical examination + cytology + ultrasound scan 51 000 Ft /session




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Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend it for women who…

  • are looking for a comfortable and safe method of contraception, 
  • want to enjoy intercourse with their long-term partner without condoms, 
  • do not want to take birth control pills,
  • have already had at least one child, 
  • want to normalise abnormal bleeding before menopause by supplementing a biologically low hormone.

The IUD can only be inserted if there is a negative cytology result within 1 year. For this reason it is advisable to send the result to our clinic in advance or make an appointment for a cervical screening.  

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The insertion of an IUD is a quick procedure, taking about 30 minutes including the examination.

It is enough to check the position of the IUD and the condition of the uterus during the annual gynecological check-up, if there are no complaints.

You may experience mild cramping and spotting for a few days after insertion. Once the uterus has adapted to the device, the symptoms will disappear.

If you experience pain, cramping or bleeding later on when having the IUD, it is advisable to have the device checked as soon as possible.

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