INR monitoring, therapy modification and adjustment

The INR (International Normalized Ratio) is a standardized, internationally recognized measure used to describe the pace of blood clotting. It can be used to assess the tendency for bleeding or blood clot formation. By using INR, we can obtain interpretable results for examining blood coagulation anywhere in the world. INR monitoring is particularly important if the patient is taking medications that affect blood clotting, such as anticoagulants like warfarin.

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INR monitoring, therapy modification and adjustment

The significance of INR monitoring

In a normal state, the blood clotting process is balanced. In response to a physiological stimulus like an injury, it prevents excessive bleeding. INR measurement shows whether the blood coagulation system operates in line with this balance. The calculation of the INR value is based on the prothrombin time (PT) and then transformed into a result conforming to an international standard.

INR monitoring is crucial for establishing and maintaining the optimal dosage of coagulation regulating drugs. An inappropriate INR value can be either too low or too high. If the value is too low, there is an increased risk of blood clot formation, while if it is too high, the risk of bleeding escalates.

The INR value is regularly monitored to assess the effectiveness of drug treatment and adjust the dosage if necessary. Based on the results of INR monitoring, the doctor reviews the patient's treatment plan to ensure the appropriate balance of blood coagulation and reduce the risk of complications.

Factors influencing INR

It's important to understand that the INR value can be influenced by diet, other medications, and the overall health condition of the patient. Therefore, close collaboration with the treating physician and regular INR monitoring are crucial to ensure a safe and effective anticoagulant therapy.


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