Hylase treatment

Solution for dissolving and correcting previous hyaluronic acid fillers. A quick and safe solution for the correction of overfilled, deformed or clumped hyaluronic acid injections.

Hylase treatment
Hylase kezelés

Hyaluronidase enzyme for dissolving hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronidase is an enzyme capable of breaking down hyaluronic acid, which dissolves the injected filler much faster than the natural breakdown process of the body.

By dissolving the hyaluronic acid, it is easy to correct previous hyaluronic acid filler errors due to inappropriate amounts or low-quality injectables.

With the hylase treatment, we can restore the original condition of the treated area. Unpleasant nodules and lumps, functional disorders due to overfilling and the artificial effect can be easily eliminated. 

A more aesthetic look A more aesthetic look

A more aesthetic look

Overfilling hyaluronic acid can make facial features unfavorable, by removing the excess filler, the appearance becomes more harmonious, the previous filling can be refreshed and possible deviations can be corrected.

Safe facial correction

During the hylase treatment, by injecting the naturally occurring hyaluronidase enzyme directily to the area to be treated, the previously placed hyaluronic acid can be dissolved similarly to the natural absorption, but at a significantly faster pace.

Safe facial correction
Personalized treatment plan Personalized treatment plan

Personalized treatment plan

In each case, the hylase treatment is performed based on a personalized treatment plan, specifying the expected result and the structure of the additional treatments required to achieve the desired end result to achieve a more harmonious look.

The procedure

Before the hylase treatment, the skin is prepared for the treatment, cleaned of any makeup, and disinfected the treated area. With the help of a thin needle, the hyaluronidase enzyme required to dissolve the hyaluronic acid is injected under the skin. The treatment takes approx. 20-30 minutes. Lastly a soothing ointment with sunscreen/SPF is placed on the treated area.

The hyaluronidase enzyme continuously exerts its effect, the final result is expected approx. within 2 weeks. 


Medical aesthetic consultation 25 000 Ft /session
Hylase treatment /area 50 000 Ft (min)




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Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend it to those who…

  • are not satisfied with the results of the previous HA fillers,
  • got injected with poor quality fillers previously,
  • got injected with too much filler,
  • got lumps, nodules from fillers.

The frequency of repeating the hyaluronic acid solution is determined by the initial condition and the desired result. Our treating doctor determines this during the personal consultation and records it in the treatment plan.

Slight skin redness and swelling may develop at the site of hylase treatment, which in most cases subsides within a few hours. It is not necessary to massage the treated area. The injected hyaluronidase enzyme will work on its own within days.

In the following days strong mechanical and thermal impacts should be avoided, eg: hot food and drinks, sunbathing, solarium, sauna, facial treatments, vigorous exercise. It is also not recommended to use make-up for 24 hours after the treatment.

Hylase treatment cannot be performed in case of pregnancy, breastfeeding, feverish illness, any sensitivity to the enzyme, allergy and active skin disease. Hylase treatment is not an effective solution for the treatment of previous fillings with silicone oil.

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