HPV test

A quick and reliable routine test to rule out HPV infection and prevent cervical cancer.

HPV test
HPV teszt

HPV testing and typification

Approximately 80% of the sexually active population will be affected by some form of HPV (human papilloma virus) at some point in their lives. The virus is particularly dangerous for women. Therefore, it is crucial to detect the high-risk types (HPV 16, HPV 18) as soon as possible, because in many cases they may be responsible for the subsequent development of cervical cancer.

The HPV test can clearly detect infection at the earliest stage. Typification allows us to determine whether the infection is low or high risk.

HPV infection can be successfully cured with specific treatment and has a high chance of preventing cervical cancer.

HPV infection causes no symptoms in most cases, but smoking, eating unhealthy, lack of exercise and an overactive sex life are considered risk factors. To rule out HPV and make an accurate gynecological diagnosis, it is recommended to get an HPV test every year as part of your annual check-up.

Precise diagnosis and reliable results

The evaluation of the sample is handled by experienced cytologists in one of the country's most advanced laboratories, equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment. This means that HPV infection can be detected before it causes visible, noticeable lesions. The results and evaluation are sent by e-mail.

Quick and pain-free examination

The HPV test is a quick and painless diagnostic test. Thanks to our experienced gynecologists, the swab may only cause a few moments of discomfort, depending on your individual sensitivity.

Precise diagnosis and reliable results
Individual, personalized treatment plan
Individual, personalized treatment plan

Individual, personalized treatment plan

If the results indicate that further testing or additional treatment is necessary, you can consult with our gynecologist, who will prepare a personalized treatment plan and prescribe any required medication to eliminate the infection.

During the examination

To perform the HPV test, our gynecologist uses a special sampler to take a swab sample from the surface of the uterine cavity and the initial part of the salivary duct, which will be analyzed in the laboratory using a PCR test. Our gynecologist will then decide if further tests and topical treatments are required.


Gynecological examnation and consultation 35 000 Ft /session
Gynecological cancer screening: phisical examination + cytology + ultrasound scan 51 000 Ft /session




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Frequently Asked Questions

Early detection and treatment of HPV infection can prevent cervical cancer. 

We recommend it for people who:

  • want to have an HPV test without a referral and with no waiting time,
  • have been diagnosed with a genital wart by their gynecologist at their annual check-up,
  • want to maintain their feminine well-being for a long time,
  • have a family history of gynecological cancer,
  • want to prevent the development of cancer.

The sampling takes just a few minutes and can be easily included in your annual gynecological check-up.

Your gynaecologist will find it useful to have your medical history, previous results, final reports, descriptions of any surgeries and biopsy results, as well as information on the number and dates of previous pregnancies, births and terminations/abortions. It is advisable to come prepared with these information in advance. It is also useful to have information about your last menstrual cycle and the date of your last cervical screening/pap test, as well as the type of contraception you are currently using and any complaints or symptoms you may have experienced.

The result is available in 5 working days for HPV testing, and 12 working days for typification.

The HPV virus is symptom-free in most cases, so depending on your medical history, existing symptoms or lifestyle that increases your risk, it is recommended to repeat the HPV test annually.

A positive HPV test does not mean you have cervical cancer, however further investigation and treatment is strongly recommended, so please contact your gynecologist.

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