Instant hydration and long-lasting lifting effect with the world's first dual-action hybrid filler.


A new generation of fillers - immediate lifting effect and long-lasting improvement in skin texture

As time goes by our skin undergoes a natural ageing process, which results in a loss of youthful elasticity, fine lines and wrinkles appear. Over the age of 20, collagen production decreases by at least 1% per year, the skin becomes thinner and less flexible, fatty and muscle tissues sag. This process of degradation shows its first signs particularly in the lower part of the face.

HArmonyCa® is the perfect choice for those who are concerned about the loss of facial structure associated with ageing and for those who want to enjoy long-term improvement in facial proportions, lines and wrinkles.

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HArmonyCa® - an innovative hybrid filler

HArmonyCa® is a dual-action filler that combines two highly effective ingredients, hyaluronic acid (HA) and calcium hydroxyapatite (CaHa), to provide an immediate lifting effect and long-lasting results. The cross-linked HA lifts the skin, filling in lines and wrinkles, while CaHa acts as a biostimulant, resulting in long-term collagen production in the skin to restructure, rejuvenate and firm the face. 

Award-winning innovation

HArmonyCa® has conquered not only the market this year with its complexity and niche formulation, but also one of the biggest professional congresses, winning the "Best Dermal Filler" award at the 2023 AMWC (Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress).

HArmonyCa® - an innovative hybrid filler
Complex anti-aging approach

Complex anti-aging approach

Unlike most single-agent approaches and standard fillers, HArmonyCa is a combined filler that addresses the complex needs associated with skin ageing. The HArmonyCa® treatment has a full-face volumizing and lifting effect on both the cheeks and lower face, where the first signs of sagging usually begin.

Key effects of HArmonyCa®:

  • immediate lifting effect, long lasting results
  • biostimulator, improves collagen production
  • replaces volume loss
  • restores lost facial contours
  • smoothes fine lines and wrinkles
  • more refreshed, hydrated and radiant skin
  • natural results
Key effects of HArmonyCa®:


Skinbooster treatments are always preceded by a consultation to ensure the best treatment for you.

Before the HArmonyCa® treatment, the area is cleaned and disinfected, no special anaesthesia is needed because the filler already contains lidocaine. The treatment is carried out using a cannula, which means fewer needle pricks and safe injection, this results in little to no discomfort. The treatment takes only about 30-40 minutes and we will give you precise information about aftercare following the treatment.

ll medical aesthetic procedures are always preceded by a quick consultation to discuss your individual needs, the condition of the treated area and the actual skin quality. Based on this, a personalised treatment plan will be created and discussed, and you will get detailed information from your doctor on what you need to do after your treatment.

You do not need to book the consultation separately, it is included in the selected treatment time.


Medical aesthetic consultation 25 000 Ft /session
Juvederm HArmoniCa hybrid dermal filler treatment 150 000 Ft /ampoule



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