Hair diagnostics

Professional hair diagnostics to reveal the real causes behind your hair loss, including blood tests and further, extensive medical research if needed. Specialized dermatological examination and consultation to restore the overall health of the hair and scalp, in case of hair loss, hair thinning and balding.

Hair diagnostic analysis and consultation

Different degrees of hair loss can be caused by diseases, deficiencies, pathological changes or even psychological factors. The sooner the cause of the problem is identified, the greater the chance of reversing the process and restoring a healthy, shiny and strong crown of hair.

Hair diagnostics can help uncover the underlying causes of hair loss and help determine the treatment protocol required to restore the health of the hair and scalp through a combination of prior illnesses, lifestyle factors, laboratory tests and extensive medical research.

Depending on the nature of your hair problem and the test results, our dermatologist will give you a personalized treatment plan including supplements, prescriptions if needed and a series of hair growth stimulating treatments. With these complex approaches and proven treatment methods we can eliminate your hair loss effectively and restore the overall health of the scalp and hair.

A complex approach
A complex approach

A complex approach

By identifying the underlying causes of hair loss accurately, and using this as the basis for a personalized, complex treatment plan, the health of the hair crown and scalp can be restored effectively and sustainably.

A personalized treatment plan

Hair loss can be caused by a number of different factors, which is why a customized treatment plan is created based on the results of various diagnostic tests, including symptoms, medical history, laboratory tests and, if necessary, extensive medical research.

A personalized treatment plan
Efficient hair stimulation therapy

Efficient hair stimulation therapy

Our clinic has several technologies and procedures available to treat hair loss and improve hair structure. An effective, personalized combination of treatments can further enhance the results and achieve impressive changes in a shorter time. Some examples include innovative laser hair stimulation, or PRP hair treatments.

More treatments for hair loss



During the diagnostic hair examination, our dermatologist visually inspects and examines the scalp with diagnostic devices and records the anamnesis. The doctor may request various laboratory tests and extensive medical research to identify the root cause. Based on the results, we will prepare a personalized treatment plan that can help you stop and reverse hair loss and scalp disorders.


Dermatological consultation and examination 35 000 Ft /session
Hair loss package for women 80 000 Ft
Hair loss package for men 65 000 Ft



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We recommend it to those who…

  • experience sudden hair loss, hair thinning,
  • want to identify the underlying causes of patchy hair loss, alopecia,
  • want to reverse baldness, 
  • want to replace thinning hair with a healthy, dense, voluminous crown of hair. 


A hair diagnostic test requires no preparation. Bring your previous anamnesis and lab results with you, if available.

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