Combined breast surgery

Breast augmentation combined with breast lift for lifted, full and well-shaped breasts using only highest quality breast implants and the most advanced surgical techniques.

Combined breast surgery
Kombinált mellplasztika

The ultimate confidence booster: combined breast surgery for perfect breast

Having firm and aesthetic breasts is a very attractive way to enhance your self-confidence and self-esteem.In general most women are dissatisfied with their breasts, especially if they have saggy breasts or lost volume and fullness due to pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight fluctuations or due to aging.

A combined breast surgery is an effective solution to restore lost volume with breast implants and to correct sagging, drooping breasts. Two procedures in one surgery: breast augmentation and breast lift.

During the procedure, which is performed under general anesthesia, our plastic surgeon inserts a breast implant and lifts the breasts by removing some of the excess skin. This will restore fullness and shape to the breasts.

In our clinic, we use only breast implants from FDA-cleared manufacturers and CE-marked breast implants, using the most modern, cutting edge surgical techniques.

Combined breast surgery is a completely safe procedure and thanks to the durable and advanced cohesive gel implants, there is no need to replace them every 10 years, as they can be safely kept in place for up to 20-25 years. Our implants come with a lifetime guarantee.

The implants that we insert can be either round or teardrop shaped (anatomical), the surface can be smooth or textured, but regardless of type or size, they are all the highest quality on the market.

Our plastic surgeon will help our patients choose the most suitable breast implants and surgical technique for their individual needs, taking into account their physical characteristics during the preliminary consultation.

Quality and safety

Our clinic offers a wide range of high quality, absolutely secure implants.

Personalized procedures

Combined breast surgery is thoroughly planned to ensure the most suitable and natural result for your unique characteristics and preferences.

Quality and safety
Immediate visibility
Immediate visibility

Immediate visibility

The results of a combined breast surgery are visible immediately after the procedure. Although the shape of the breasts will still change during the recovery phase and the final shape will be achieved several months after the operation, the correction of volume loss and sagging is immediate.


During the first consultation, our plastic surgeon will assess your breasts' current condition, your expectations and provide a detailed description of the implant type, size and possible surgical techniques, as well as the expected outcome of the procedure. A detailed surgical plan will be prepared.

A few mandatory tests are required before the operation. In all cases, a laboratory test, ECG, chest X-ray and breast ultrasound or mammography are necessary. However, certain illnesses, medication and previous plastic surgery may also justify further tests.

Combined breast surgery is performed under general anesthesia and takes 2-3 hours. Patients must stay in our clinic for one day after the surgery.

During the procedure, our plastic surgeon will make an incision around the areola of the nipple and then proceed downwards, vertically and also perpendicularly in the so-called breast groove.

He then inserts the pre-selected breast implant under the glands, muscle or both with the dual plane technique. He also removes excess fat, skin and, if necessary, part of the glandular tissue to create the right shape.

The implant cavity, wound surfaces and skin incisions are closed with absorbable sutures, so there is no need for suture removal later.


Plastic surgery consultation with examination 30 000 Ft /session




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Frequently Asked Questions

Combined breast surgery is recommended in situations where pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight fluctuations or age cause the breasts to become saggy and decrease in volume, affecting self-confidence and overall mood. 

Regular medication can be taken before the procedure, but it is essential to consult your plastic surgeon if you are taking anticoagulant medication (e.g. aspirin). Alcohol and smoking should be avoided before and after surgery as they can interfere with the body's ability to heal properly.

After the operation, the surgical area should not be exposed to water for 1 week. A special compression bra must be worn for 2 months. During this time, the surgical site may be swollen and have oedema, but its size will decrease as it recovers. In order to prevent the breast implant from moving after the operation, it is recommended to sleep on your back for three months to allow the capsule around the implants to strengthen.

No sports or physical activity involving intensive movement of the shoulder and chest muscles is recommended for six weeks. Soaking is contraindicated for 2 months after wound healing, but showering is allowed. It is also important to avoid direct exposure to UV rays, so avoid sunbathing and tanning/solarium as this can have a negative effect on scarring. Sauna use is also not recommended.

The healing time for visible scars is about half a year, but internal scars take about 2 years to fully recover. The use of scar treatment products to support this process is recommended. Post-operative healing can be improved by drinking enough water, resting and using skin regenerating products recommended by the surgeon. 

Combined breast surgery is a safe surgery with minimal risks, but as with any surgery, complications can occur. 

These include(s):

  • post-bleeding, inflammation or infection
  • thickening or contracture of the capsule surrounding the implant which can deform the breast
  • fluid accumulation (seroma)
  • creasing of the capsule around the implant
  • keloid, hypertrophic or atrophic scarring
  • inflammation of the surgical scar

Breast augmentation and breast lift are aesthetic procedures and do not affect the milk duct, so they do not cause problems during breastfeeding.

Implants are becoming more and more advanced and their lifespan is constantly increasing. Depending on the type, they can be worn safely for up to 20 years. Polyurethane-coated implants can last a lifetime. The most durable are the modern, cohesive gel-filled and textured implants, which most manufacturers offer a lifetime guarantee. Of course, there are also shorter-lasting implants, which are designed to last for around 10 years. It is always worth asking about this during a personal consultation with a plastic surgeon to decide on the best possible breast implant.

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