Collagen stimulation with threads

Regain tight and plump skin with fine thread contour - with minimal discomfort and no surgical intervention.

Kollagén szálbehúzás

Why is collagen stimulation so important?

Collagen is a very important substance to maintain youthful looking skin. Collagen fibers give the tightness of the skin. With time, around the age of 25 our body produces less and less of it and it shows on our skin. It becomes dull, loses its elasticity and starts to sag. The Fine Thread Contour Therapy aims to increase the skin's collagen stock with a long lasting effect , besides it gives the skin an immediate hold and lift.

If you're looking to restore your skin's firmness or keep it that way, make an appointment for a consultation!

Tighter skin with FTC Therapy Tighter skin with FTC Therapy

Tighter skin with FTC Therapy

During Fine Thread Contour Therapy (FTC treatment), several small absorbent fine threads are inserted into the appropriate layer of the skin, typically in a mesh pattern, to provide an immediate tightening effect, in addition to long-term collagen production. The thin threads are inserted densely, both parallel and perpendicular to each other, forming a supporting structure in the connective tissue.

Two types of absorbent fine threads for the perfect result

Two types of threads are used, called mono and screw threads: the mono, or straight thread, is responsible for regeneration processes and collagen production, while the screw thread is more powerful in lifting the loose, sagging tissue.

Two types of absorbent fine threads for the perfect result


Before the treatment, we will pre-determine the exact type and amount of threads according to your individual needs and plan the optimal insertion points and directions. We thoroughly disinfect the treated area and prepare the skin with an anesthetic cream to minimize discomfort during the treatment. The fibers are inserted into the tissue using a thin needle, which is a quick process.

All medical aesthetic procedures are always preceded by a quick consultation to discuss your individual needs, the condition of the treated area and the actual skin quality. Based on this, a personalised treatment plan will be created and discussed, and you will get detailed information from your doctor on what you need to do after your treatment.

You do not need to book the consultation separately, it is included in the selected treatment time.


Medical aesthetic consultation 25 000 Ft /session



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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Initial sagging of the skin, drooping of the skin,
  • to treat fine, superficial wrinkles,
  • to prevent visible signs of aging,
  • to improve the overall quality of the skin,

The procedure stimulates collagen production and improves skin quality, so its effect can be further enhanced in combination with other treatments (e.g. hyaluronic acid treatment or botox).

During the procedure, we use hair-thin, skin-friendly, sterile threads made of biocompatible PDO (polydioxanone). The treatment is completely safe and biofibres have been used as absorbable surgical stitching material since the 1980s.

The procedure uses straight and twisted threads, which are inserted parallel and perpendicular to each other into the appropriate layer of skin, effectively forming a supportive mesh. The fibers increase collagen production, which restores skin volume, resulting in younger, firmer skin. 

The effects of the treatment last on average 10-12 months. To enhance the effect, the treatment can be repeated after 6 months. 

In the following days after the treatment, there may be some slight swelling and occasional bruising, with minimal pain, so it is recommended to keep the area cooled for a few days. There may be a slight tight sensation within the skin and some threads may be felt in some areas for a short time. Make-up should be avoided for 24 hours after treatment. At the end of the procedure, our doctors will give you precise instructions about aftercare.

The treatment cannot be performed in case of pregnancy, breastfeeding, skin infection, autoimmune diseases, hemophilia or acute febrile illness, or in case of sensitivity or allergy to the used ingredients. 

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