COG Thread Lift

Face lifting effect, restoring youthful contours without surgery.

COG Thread Lift
COG szálbehúzás

Eye-catching face tightening with COG threads

As we age, changes in our skin are a natural part of life. The signs of aging, stress and environmental influences become visible on the skin over time, reshaping the outline and contours of the face:

  • the skin starts to lose its elasticity and firmness
  • deeper wrinkles and creases appear at different points of the face (e.g. deeper nasolabial folds)
  • tissues become saggy, so that youthful contours become blurred (e.g. the cheekbone and the jawline).

For premature sagging, the ideal alternative to surgery is the thread lifting technique, which is a minimally invasive intervention to provide gentle lift and tightening. In addition to the immediate lifting effect, the threads also stimulate the skin’s own regeneration capacity. 

The COG fibers are inserted into the deeper layers of the skin, the tiny teeth are able to hook into the tissues and elevate them, creating an instant lifting effect. The exact type and amount of fibers used during the treatment depends not only on the individual anatomy but also on:

  • the level of sagging,
  • and the flexibility and density of the connective tissue.

In general, 5-6 threads per side are inserted into the skin during the treatment. 

So you can enjoy long lasting results without recovery time or risk of scarring thanks to thread lifting therapy.

If you're interested in what results can be achieved for you, without surgery, using threading, make an appointment for a consultation!

Instant lifting effect with COG thread Instant lifting effect with COG thread

Instant lifting effect with COG thread

To restore saggy skin, we use the so-called N-COG or N-Fix fibers, which are serrated bio-fibres. The fibers can help the skin regenerate from the inside. The threads are made of a special material that boosts collagen production, which triggers the skin's natural renewal process.

Long-term skin tightening without surgical intervention

After COG Thread Lift, there is not only a lifting effect and an increase in collagen production, but also an increase in metabolism, lymphatic circulation and skin regeneration processes. This results in a long-lasting and durable skin tightening effect, as the connective tissues are maintained even after the fibers have been absorbed. Threading facial rejuvenation guarantees a significant and immediate change with minimal pain, short recovery time and scar-free facial contouring.

Long-term skin tightening without surgical intervention


Prior to the treatment, we will determine the type and quantity of threads required and plan the optimal insertion points and directions according to your individual parameters. After thorough skin disinfection and numbing, the threads are inserted using a blunt-ended cannula. Several threads are inserted through one entry point, reducing the invasiveness of the procedure. This results in slight sensitivity but minimal pain. The procedure takes about 1 hour.

  1. Aging skin
  2. Collagen producing dentate bio fibres
  3. Increased metabolism, lymphatic circulation and intensive skin regeneration processes result in long-lasting and consistent skin tightening


Medical aesthetic consultation 25 000 Ft /session




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Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend COG Thread Lift for people over the age 30 with mild to moderate sagging of the skin. It is the perfect alternative for those who do not wish to undergo surgical procedures. As threading does not involve cutting, there is no scarring after the treatment. There is minimal pain, sensitivity and recovery time.

The treatment uses skin-friendly, sterile denticulated threads made of biocompatible PDO (polydioxanone), which is completely safe and has been used as an absorbable surgical stitching material since the 1980s. 

The effect of the treatment is long-lasting: for 1.5 to 2 years, it provides firmer and more youthful skin. To enhance the effect, the threading can be repeated after 6 months.

The lifting effect on the face is immediately noticeable after the treatment, the threads create new collagen bundles and collagen production is increased, making the skin even younger and firmer. Depending on the individual needs, the treatment can be combined with other aesthetic procedures such as botox and hyaluronic acid.

After the procedure, there may be a slight swelling and in some places bruising in the treated area, so it is advisable to cool the skin. Minimal pain should be expected: there will be a slight pulling, stretching sensation and the fibers will be felt, but this will disappear on its own in a short time. Make-up should not be used for 24 hours after the procedure, and you must avoid intense physical activity and excessive exercise for about 3 weeks. At the end of the treatment, you will receive individual advice about the aftercare.

Threading should not be performed in case of pregnancy, breastfeeding, active skin disease or febrile illness, or if there is any allergy or sensitivity to any of the ingredients used in the treatment.

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