Cervical screening

A short and painless, comprehensive screening test for early detection of cervical cancer and precancerous conditions.

Cervical screening

Regular screening against cervical cancer

Repeated cervical screening every year is the foundation for preserving women's health in the long term. With screening we can detect early-stage cervical cancer several years before the cancer develops, and significantly improve the chances of reversing the disease and preventing it from spreading.

Pap tests can save lives, which is why they are recommended annually for all women over the age of 18.

Cervical screening is performed in our advanced gynecology department, equipped with the most innovative technology. The screening also includes an examination of the external genitalia and a vaginal ultrasound scan. Colposcopy, HPV testing and STD testing are also available as an additional test to the screening.

Precise and reliable results Precise and reliable results

Precise and reliable results

The analysis of cytology samples are completed by experienced cytologists in one of Hungary's most equipped laboratories. The test results, their evaluation and, if necessary, further test recommendations will be sent by e-mail after the examination.

  • A quick and pain-free examination

Cervical screening is a painless treatment. Thanks to our skilled gynaecologists, in rare occasions the sampling may cause mild discomfort for a few moments, depending on your individual tolerance.

  • Well monitored changes

Repeated cervical screenings every year can clearly monitor gynecological changes, which can further help our gynecologist to diagnose the disease.

Experts with genuine empathy

For most women, gynecological examinations are stressful and unpleasant, which is why we provide examinations in a relaxing and comfortable environment, with the most innovative diagnostic tools and with friendly and patient doctors and assistants.

Experts with genuine empathy

During the examination

During the gynecological check-up, our doctor will examine the external genitalia first, followed by a vaginal ultrasound scan of the vagina and uterus. This will help to detect signs of inflammation, HPV infection or possible signs of cancer. For cervical screening/pap test, our gynecologist will take a swab sample from the surface of the cervix and the beginning of the fallopian tube. The sample sent for cytological examination will determine whether further tests are required. The result will be sent by e-mail within a few days.


Gynecological examnation and consultation 35 000 Ft /session
Gynecological consultation with examination and ultrasound 39 000 Ft /session
Gynecological cancer screening: phisical examination + cytology + ultrasound scan 51 000 Ft /session




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Frequently Asked Questions

Cervical screening is key to early detection of cervical cancer, so annual screening is essential. 

It is recommended for women who

  • want to have an annual cytology screening without admission and without waiting, 
  • want to maintain their feminine well-being for a long time,
  • have a family history of gynecological cancer,
  • want to prevent the development of cancer, 
  • would like to go to a modern, high-quality clinic and a friendly gynecologist.

The whole examination takes about 20 minutes, so you can easily incorporate it into your daily routine.

Your gynaecologist will find it useful to have your medical history, previous results, final reports, descriptions of any surgeries and biopsy results, as well as information on the number and dates of previous pregnancies, births and terminations/abortions. It is advisable to come prepared with these information in advance. It is also useful to have information about your last menstrual cycle and the date of your last cervical screening/pap test, as well as the type of contraception you are currently using and any complaints or symptoms you may have experienced.

It is recommended to repeat gynecological and cytological examinations every year, even if you are symptom-free. Gynecological diseases often cause no symptoms, however, by detecting cervical cancer as early as possible, it is possible to cure or prevent the development of the disease.

In case of a lesion or a positive cytology result, our gynecologist will recommend further examinations or surgery, which can be performed in our clinic using a wide range of procedures.

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