Breast reduction

Smaller, more aesthetically pleasing breasts that are beneficial for your body's overall condition, with modern surgical techniques for greater self-confidence.

Breast reduction

Breast reduction for smaller and firmer breasts

Many women want plumper, fuller, bigger breasts, but overly large breasts can become a burden for the person bearing them in the long term. They can also cause aesthetic, medical and psychological problems as well.

Large breasts tend to sag over time because of their weight and can have a negative impact on self-esteem. In many cases they can lead to severe back and neck pain. Everyday life without a bra is almost unthinkable. Sweating and constant irritation can cause recurring inflammation of the skin under the breasts. Furthermore, finding the right size clothes can be a challenge and breast size increases even more during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

If the breasts droop because of the extra heaviness, a breast lift is not enough: the reduction of the mammary glands and the removal of excess skin are also necessary.

Breast reduction is an excellent way to reduce the bust size and correct its shape. Thanks to the procedure, the breasts can become smaller and more contoured, with the possibility of reducing the breast size by a cup size. An improved aesthetic look can lead to increased self-confidence.

Plastic surgery in our clinic is always preceded by careful planning to ensure the best possible result, respecting the body's characteristics and individual needs.

Personalized approach

Breast reduction surgery is carefully planned to ensure the most natural result for your needs.

Instant results you can definitely see and feel

The results of a breast reduction can be seen and felt immediately. The shape of the breasts will change during the recovery period and the final shape will be reached six months after the operation, but the reduction in volume and the decrease in back pain can be felt immediately after the operation.

Personalized approach


During the initial consultation, our plastic surgeon will examine your breasts, assess the current condition and expectations, and provide a detailed description of the surgical techniques and the results you can expect from the procedure. A comprehensive surgical plan will be prepared.

Before the breast reduction, a laboratory test, ECG, chest X-ray and breast ultrasound or mammogram are mandatory. Some diseases, medication and prior plastic surgery may also require additional tests.

Breast reduction is performed under general anesthesia by our experienced plastic surgeon and requires a one-day stay in our clinic. The surgery takes approximately 2.5-3 hours.

During the procedure, our specialist will make an incision in the so-called T-line, i.e. around the areola, then vertically in the direction of the breast fold and finally horizontally in the fold-over crease under the breast. He then removes fatty tissue and part of the mammary tissue, as well as excess skin. The remaining glandular tissue is then used to form the new, firm breast. Finally, he closes the incisions with absorbable sutures, so there is no need for postoperative suture removal. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Breast reduction surgery is recommended for those who:

  • have breasts that are too large and/or heavy
  • have saggy breasts because of the weight
  • have large breasts that cause back and neck pain
  • often have skin inflammation under the breasts
  • is in a situation where a smaller breast size is considered aesthetically appropriate

There is no specific size where we can say that such surgery is absolutely necessary. This number is determined by the patient's needs. If the patient feels that a larger bust size is a problem in their daily life, it is worth consulting a plastic surgeon. Large breasts can be a challenge when playing sports or working, for example, but can also lead to self-esteem and relationship issues. Eliminating back pain can be a serious reason for having the procedure done.

Regular medication can be taken before the procedure, but it is essential to consult your plastic surgeon about any anticoagulant medication (e.g. aspirin). Alcohol and smoking should be avoided before and after surgery as they can impair the body's ability to heal properly.

After surgery, external scars take about 6 months to heal completely, while internal scars take about 2 years. It is recommended to support the recovery by applying scar treatment creams.

Swelling, bruising and inflammation may occur in the surgical area after the operation but this will gradually decrease as the area recovers. A special compression bra must be worn for 8 weeks. After the operation, it is important that the surgical area is kept dry for 1 week. For two weeks, any sport or physical activity involving intense movement of the shoulder and chest muscles is not recommended. The wound should not be exposed to direct UV rays and it is advisable to avoid sunbathing and solarium, as this can have a negative effect on scarring. Sauna is also not recommended.

Breast reduction is a safe surgical procedure with minimal risks, but as with all procedures, complications can occur. 

These include:

  • partial or complete loss of nipple sensation
  • circulatory problems or necrosis of the nipple
  • keloid, hypertrophic or atrophic scarring
  • inflammation of a surgical scar

The surgery may involve the removal of some of the glandular tissue and milk ducts, but the operation does not result in the loss of milk production and therefore does not cause problems with breastfeeding.

It is best to have plastic surgery after having a baby, as even the firmest breasts can sag and lose their original shape during breastfeeding. 

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