Breast lift

A rounded, raised and tighter contour with a safe and advanced plastic surgery procedure.


Breast lift for a revived figure

Breasts are a symbol of femininity, perky breasts give you confidence and boost your self-esteem, so it's natural to want to correct the saginess that develops over time.

The size and shape of breasts are primarily determined by genetic factors, but naturally plump, firm breasts can also lose their elasticity and become saggy. Age, pregnancy, breast-feeding, minor weight loss, lifestyle and individual characteristics can all play a significant role. For some people, this happens at a very young age and can lead to serious self-esteem issues.

Breast implants can help to correct this, but in some cases the skin may be so overstretched that breast implants cannot provide enough elevation of the chest area. In this case, a breast lift is required.

A breast lift can be performed using a variety of techniques. Our experienced plastic surgeon will determine the most appropriate surgical method after a personal consultation.

The following criteria are used to determine which is the best technique to use for you:

  • the size and shape of the breast the size and location of
  • the nipple
  • the degree of sagging
  • the quality and elasticity of the skin
  • the amount of excess skin

To achieve an overall pleasing result, breast implants are also required in about 50% of these cases.

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Immediate results 
Immediate results

Immediate results

The results of a breast lift are immediately visible. The shape of the breasts will change during the recovery period and the final shape will be seen 4-6 months after the operation, but firmness and good posture will be seen immediately after the operation.

Safe and reliable implants

Our clinic has a wide range of the highest quality, completely safe implants available.

A personalized approach

A breast lift is preceded by careful planning to ensure the best natural result for your needs.

Safe and reliable implants


During your initial consultation, our plastic surgeon will assess your breast's current condition and your requirements and provide a detailed description of possible surgical techniques, show you where the scars will be positioned and the results you can expect from the procedure. A comprehensive surgical plan will be prepared.

Before the operation, you will need to have a few mandatory tests: laboratory tests, an ECG, a chest X-ray and a breast ultrasound or mammogram are essential in all cases. Some diseases, medication and previous plastic surgery may also require further tests.

The breast lift is performed under general anesthetic and takes 2-3 hours. Patients must stay in our clinic for one day after the operation.

Our plastic surgeon can make three different types of incisions during the operation: around the nipple area, vertically in the direction of the so-called breast groove and horizontally in the crease under the breast, depending on the surgical procedure and the general condition of the breast. He then removes excess skin, lifts the breast tissue and shapes it to improve the contour and firmness of the breast. If necessary, he will insert a pre-selected breast implant. The nipples are fixed in the correct anatomical position.

The incisions are closed with absorbable sutures so that no suture removal is required later.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Breast lift surgery is recommended for those who experience the following problems:

  • age-related sagging and loss of shape of the breasts,
  • breasts that have lost firmness due to pregnancy, breastfeeding or minor weight loss,
  • stretched and loose tissues on the breasts.

Regular medication can be taken before the operation, but it is essential to consult your plastic surgeon if you are taking anticoagulant medication (e.g. aspirin). Alcohol and smoking should be avoided during the pre- and post-operative period as they may interfere with the body's ability to heal properly.

External, visible scars take about 6 months to heal completely, internal scars about 2 years. Regeneration should be supported by the use of scar treatment products. The post-operative healing process can be accelerated by drinking enough water, resting and using skin regeneration products recommended by the surgeon.

A special compression bra must be worn for 8 weeks. During this time, the area around the breast may be swollen and edematous, but this will gradually decrease as the area recovers. After the operation, it is important that the surgical area is kept dry for 1 week. For two weeks, any sport or physical activity involving intense movement of the shoulder and chest muscles is not recommended. The wound should not be exposed to direct UV rays and it is advisable to avoid sunbathing and solarium, as this can have a negative effect on scarring. Sauna is also not recommended.

It is a very safe surgery with minimal risks, but as with any procedure, complications can occur. 

These include(s):

  • post-operative bleeding, inflammation, infection
  • keloid, hypertrophic or atrophic scarring
  • inflammation of the surgical scar
  • temporary or permanent loss of sensation of the nipples
  • asymmetry

Breast corrections do not affect the milk duct and therefore do not cause any problems with breastfeeding in most cases.

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