Breast implant replacement

Professional breast implant removal and safe breast implant revision using modern surgical techniques.

Breast implant replacement
Mellimplantátum cseréje

Breast implant replacement: plump breasts without problems

Breasts are a symbol of femininity, which is why it is important for many women to have breasts that look as full and firm as possible. Firm female breasts have been proven to boost self-confidence and have an impact on countless areas in life. It's no wonder that breast surgery is the most commonly chosen plastic surgery procedure.

However, there may be cases where breast implants need to be replaced. This may be due to the deterioration of previous implants or to the thickening of the implant capsule. The implant may be defective, causing the contents to leak into the surrounding tissue, causing inflammation of the connective tissue. It is also common to replace implants if there are other complications or if you want a different type, shape or size of implant.

Breast implant replacement is a completely safe, modern surgical procedure performed by our experienced plastic surgeon.

In each case, during the consultation with our specialist, the replacement implants and the technique of the procedure are chosen according to the body's specific characteristics and individual needs.

In our clinic, we only use breast implants from FDA-approved manufacturers and with CE certification.

Thanks to modern, textured, cohesive gel-filled implants, there is no need for frequent implant replacement. Today's versions can be worn for up to 20-25 years without any problems, instead of the previous 10 years. Moreover, the polyurethane-coated implants can even last for a lifetime. Physiological saline-filled implants may be a natural solution, but they are less durable than silicone-based versions.

Safe implants
Safe implants

Safe implants

A wide range of the highest quality, completely safe breast implants are available for implant revision.

Breast implant replacement is preceded by careful planning to ensure the best and most natural result for your personal needs.

Expert plastic surgeon, modern surgical technology

At our clinic, plastic surgery is performed by a specialist with many years of professional experience, who uses the most up-to-date surgical techniques to ensure that the result is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also the most efficient from a health point of view.

Expert plastic surgeon, modern surgical technology


During the initial consultation, our plastic surgeon will examine your breast condition, the reasons for the replacement, your needs and give you detailed information about the surgical technique, the type of replacement implants and the expected results. The method of implant placement will be determined by the specialist based on your physical characteristics, breast structure and previous surgical scars. A detailed surgical plan is then prepared.

Before the operation, some mandatory tests are necessary: laboratory tests, ECG, chest X-ray, breast ultrasound or mammography are essential in all cases. Some illnesses, medication or previous plastic surgery may also warrant further tests.

Breast implant replacement is performed under general anesthesia and requires a one-day stay in our clinic. The operation takes approximately 1 hour.

During the operation, our plastic surgeon will make an incision in the crease under the breast to match the previous surgical scars, then remove the previous breast implant and remove the surrounding capsule.

The new implant is then placed partially under the pectoral muscle.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Breast implant replacement surgery is recommended in the following cases:

  • breast implant deterioration
  • damaged, low-quality implants
  • complications following breast implant surgery
  • change in type, size, shape or position
  • thickening or contraction of the implant capsule

If there is severe inflammation of the connective tissue, a new implant can only be inserted after complete healing, which takes about 6 months.

Regular medication can be taken before the procedure, but it is essential to consult your plastic surgeon if you are taking anticoagulant medication (e.g. aspirin). Alcohol and smoking should be avoided before and after surgery as they can interfere with the body's ability to heal properly.

For external scars you should expect a recovery time of around 6 months, while for internal scars it is around 2 years. It is recommended to support healing by applying scar treatment products. In addition, drinking enough water, rest and the use of skin regeneration products recommended by the treating doctor can help the healing process.

After the operation, the surgical area should not be exposed to water for 1 week. A special compression bra must be worn for 2 months. During this time, the surgical site may be swollen and have oedema, but its size will decrease as it recovers. In order to prevent the breast implant from moving after the operation, it is recommended to sleep on your back for three months to allow the capsule around the implants to strengthen. No sports or physical activity involving intensive movement of the shoulder and chest muscles is recommended for six weeks. Soaking is contraindicated for 2 months after wound healing, but showering is allowed. It is also important to avoid direct exposure to UV rays, so avoid sunbathing and tanning/solarium as this can have a negative effect on scarring. Sauna use is also not recommended.

The plastic surgeon will make incisions according to the previous surgical scars, so you should not expect any new scars. After the surgery, a thin scar line will remain on the skin, which will gradually fade.

Breast implant replacement is a safe surgery with minimal risks, but some complications may occur.

These include:

  • postoperative bleeding, inflammation, infection
  • thickening or contraction of the capsule surrounding the implant, which can deform the breast
  • Fluid accumulation (seroma)
  • creasing of the capsule around the implant
  • keloid, hypertrophic or atrophic scarring
  • inflammation of the surgical scar

Implants are becoming more and more advanced and their lifespan is constantly increasing. Depending on the type, they can be worn safely for up to 20 years. Polyurethane-coated implants can last a lifetime. The most durable are the modern, cohesive gel-filled and textured implants, which most manufacturers offer a lifetime guarantee. Of course, there are also shorter-lasting implants, which are designed to last for around 10 years. It is always worth asking about this during a personal consultation with a plastic surgeon to decide on the best possible breast implant.

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