Body contouring consultation with dietitian counseling

We create a body contouring programme based on your specific goals and ideas: together we will find the best aesthetic treatment for your problem and provide a detailed nutritional plan/meal plan to get you on the conscious path to a healthy lifestyle journey!

About the service

Body contouring consultation with dietitian counseling

Full body contouring consultation with a balanced meal plan

Want to make a conscious lifestyle change, but not sure what kind of body contouring treatment you need and what kind of diet you should follow? During our body contouring consultation, we will develop a fully personalized treatment plan for you based on your needs, challenges and goals.

In your treatment plan, we will determine the most effective aesthetic treatments for your body and put together a detailed meal plan. Our body contouring consultation combined with dietetic counseling is the first step towards a healthy lifestyle!

We will develop a personalized treatment plan for you during our body contouring consultation! If you need help to start your journey, make an appointment, to know more!

Body Composition Analysis with the InBody 970 Body Composition Analysis with the InBody 970

Body Composition Analysis with the InBody 970

During your consultation, we will perform a full body composition analysis to assess the current state of your body and get a comprehensive picture of your body composition. With the InBody 970 Body Composition Analyser, we can assess your current physique effectively and without any pain before choosing a body contouring treatment.

Treatment plan based on detailed analysis

The following parameters are taken during the body composition analysis:

  1. measure your body weight and your body fat percentage,
  2. check body and bone mineral levels,
  3. check body fat and water levels,
  4. assess skeletal muscle mass and lean body mass,
  5. calculate how much weight loss or weight gain is required,
  6. get an idea of the basal metabolic rate.  
Treatment plan based on detailed analysis


During a body contouring consultation, we provide expert help to get you started with a professional, personalized treatment plan for your new lifestyle and body transformation process.

  1. We will discuss your ideas, concerns and goals in detail.
  2. We will assess your general health and provide a body composition analysis.
  3. We will set specific goals regarding your body transformation.
  4. We take photos of you so that we can accurately track the effects and results of the treatments.
  5. We will choose the right treatment (e.g. muscle toning, fat reduction, cryolipolysis, laser treatments) for your goals.
  6. We'll put together a personalized meal plan that will provide excellent support for your new body sculpting journey.  


Body-shaping consultation with personalized treatment plan with Inbody body analysis 25 000 Ft /session




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Frequently asked questions

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The following are some of the cases where we recommend you to have a body contouring consultation:

  • You don't know exactly what your options are in terms of treatments for body contouring and lifestyle changes.
  • You don't know the different types of treatments at all, so you need detailed information to make a decision.
  • You want a unique and fully personalized sculpting programme. 
  • You want to take conscious action for your body and your health, but you need help with lifestyle changes.

  • Think about your goals and needs in detail so that we can get a clear picture of exactly what you want to change and why during the consultation.
  • If you have any medical conditions, allergies or food sensitivities, gather all your previous medical records and lab test results and bring them with you to the consultation.
  • Write down any medicines or vitamins you take regularly.
  • Keep a 1-week food diary, detailing exactly what you eat and how much.
  • Keep a record of any previous aesthetic treatments or body contouring surgery you have had before.
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