Blood pressure regulation

Blood pressure disease affects an increasing proportion of the population. It can be caused by lifestyle factors, but also by an inherited predisposition. Today's modern medication is an excellent way to keep blood pressure under control and lifestyle therapy can put your health on the right track.


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Blood pressure regulation

Medication for high blood pressure

It is not enough to choose the right medicine to treat hypertension, it is just as important to adjust the dosage. This can be done under the close supervision of an internist. Experienced professionals can help to minimise side effects and speed up treatment.

Lifestyle therapy

We cannot stop at medication to treat high blood pressure. To prevent the disease from worsening and further complications, it is important to change your lifestyle. This will significantly improve the body's ability to adapt, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and make everyday life more comfortable and convenient.


Consultation - Internal Medicine 30 minutes 35 000 Ft /session
Consultation - Internal Medicine 60 minutes 45 000 Ft /session
Cardio basic package 35 500 Ft
Cardio Premium package 72 000 Ft
Resting ECG 15 000 Ft /session
Resting ECG test with analysis 35 000 Ft /session




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