Armlift surgery

An effective solution to sagging skin and disturbing "bat wings" is armlift surgery - you can leave our clinic with firm, youthful and leaner arms!


A permanent solution to loose skin

As we age, the production of collagen and elastin fibers in the skin continuously decreases, causing the skin to lose elasticity, become flabby and saggy on the arms.

Unfortunately, in case of major weight loss, the enlarged, stretched and sagging skin is often left behind, and the achieved results are not entirely satisfactory. Sadly, exercising and building muscle does not eliminate the excess skin on the arms, because once the skin has lost elasticity and stretched beyond a certain point, only drastic solutions can help.

However, with the support of an arm lift, we can safely achieve the result you are looking for, permanently.

An arm lift can eliminate those disturbing lax areas. Book a consultation with our plastic surgeon and find out all about the procedure!

Arm lift surgery: firm, youthful and contoured arms

During upper arm lift surgery, we remove sagging skin from the arms and through liposuction we remove the excess fat as well. The end result is youthful and firm arms that match your figure perfectly.

An arm lift surgery is recommended in the following cases:

  • to tighten the skin of the upper arm,
  • there is significant excess skin on the arms (e.g. due to weight loss),
  • a disturbing amount of excess fat has developed on the upper arm due to weight gain.

With plastic surgery, you can say goodbye to "bat wings": sagging arms are eliminated quickly and effectively, and within six months you will have lean and sleek upper arms.

Types of upper armlift surgery

The aim of the procedure - to remove excess skin and fatty tissue - is the same in all cases, but the extent and location of the incision may vary depending on the patient's individual condition.

There are two types of armlift surgery according to the location of the scar.

Classic arm surgery Classic arm surgery

Classic arm surgery

Performed in case of major skin excess: a T-shaped incision is made in the inner part or at the back of the upper arm and under the armpits. 

The mini arm lift

Used for smaller procedures: the incision is hidden in the armpit area, basically perpendicular to the upper arm.

The mini arm lift


At the very first consultation, we'll create your treatment plan and go over the procedure, risk factors and what results the surgery can provide. You will then have a full check-up, including laboratory tests and an ECG.

The 2 to 2.5 hour surgery is performed under general anesthesia or local anesthesia, depending on what your plastic surgeon recommends for your case. We will then make an incision in the underarm area so that this scar remains hidden after the operation. If necessary, liposuction will be used to remove excess fat. . The sagging and excess skin is excised from the inner side of the arm, so that the arms can become firm and sleek again.

A drain tube is inserted into the wound to drain the secretions and blood on the first day. We then close the wound with absorbable sutures and apply a compression garment to the arm.

After the operation, you will spend 1 night at the clinic and will be discharged the next day with an accompanying adult.


Plastic surgery consultation with examination 30 000 Ft /session



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Frequently Asked Questions

We usually recommend an arm lift for people over 40 in these cases:

  • sagging and excess loose skin on the inside of the upper arm,
  • liposuction is no longer an option to remove excess skin.

The effect of the surgery is already visible within a few weeks, but the final shape and contour of the arm becomes definitive after 4-6 months.

You should stop using nicotine-containing products and smoking before the operation, as nicotine significantly slows down the healing process. You should stop taking blood thinner medications, vitamin C, selenium, zinc, ginkgo biloba and herbal supplements in the days before the operation. It is also important to drink enough water to keep your body properly hydrated. You should not eat or drink anything for 6 hours immediately before the procedure.

In the days after the arm lift, you may feel some tightness and pain in the treated area, which will start to ease within a few days. A drain tube is inserted at the end of the operation to help remove blood and other secretions. This is removed within 1-2 days. We will also put a compression garment on your arms to reduce any complications and risks. You will need to wear the compression garment for a few weeks, according to your doctor's instructions. On average, you can return to your daily activities after 1 week.

  • Avoid heavy physical work, exercise, bending and lifting for at least 1 month. 
  • You can return to exercising after 6 weeks, but make sure you do so only gradually.
  • Avoid saunas, solariums and sunbathing for 2 months.
  • For the first few days, it is recommended to sleep on your back with your arms padded with pillows.
  • For 1 week, the treated area should not be exposed to water at all.
  • As the incision is located in the armpit area, due to possible sweating, the wound area should be washed after 1 week with disinfectant soap every 2-3 days for 2 weeks.
  • It is recommended to shave the area 2 days before the surgery, and after 2 weeks at the earliest you can shave again and use deodorant on the area, only if the healing process is going well.

Arm lift surgery is not recommended in case of pregnancy, breast-feeding, menstruation, febrile illness, vascular diseases, autoimmune diseases, neurological diseases, malignant diseases, previous axillary lymph node surgery or lymphedema, other systemic diseases. In addition, diabetes, heart disease and metabolic problems are also contraindications, and therefore the possibility of surgery should be discussed in detail in a specialised consultation.

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