4- and 7-day meal plans

Starting a new lifestyle is often not easy, but it’s necessary to live every moment to the fullest. Our 4- and 7-day meal plans, curated for individual needs by our expert dietitian gives you the cheat code to establishing the new you.

4- és 7-napos étrend tervezés

About the service

4- and 7-day meal plans

Diet plans can make it easier to adopt new dietary habits. Lifestyle changes come with many challenges, especially for patients who are not fond of cooking, do not usually prepare meals, or find their creativity lies in other areas. Our dietitian creates personalized meal plans taking into consideration the patient's previous individual diet, aligning it with dietary goals and necessary nutrients.

The ultimate goal is always to empower our patients to manage their lifestyle more and more independently and seamlessly. However, in the initial stages, they often require more structure and assistance. This is where our 4 and 7-day meal plan options become the perfect partners. 

The meal plan includes:

  • Recommended number of meals
  • Daily caloric and macronutrient needs
  • Composition of individual meals
  • Suggested ingredients 

By offering clear guidelines and carefully curated options, we ensure that our patients can embark on their dietary journey with confidence, knowing they have a supportive and nourishing plan to guide them every step of the way. As they gradually embrace their new diet and lifestyle, our dietitian's expertise and tailored meal plans pave the path towards a healthier and more balanced life. 


Personal nutritional and diet consultation + Inbody 970 body composition analysis 35 000 Ft /session
Online personal nutritional and diet consultation 30 000 Ft /session




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